oh yeah, I’m looking at the sun

Shades, Punya. Blue blouse, DEI. Lace tank. Jeans,  Jag. Brown leather bag, Celine. Necklace and bracelet from my mom’s dresser. It’s looking to be an extremely hot summer, but thank goodness for the human invention called the sunglasses. The other day I was at People are People looking at sunglasses and fell in love with a pair. It… Continue reading oh yeah, I’m looking at the sun

Out of these shadows comes the light

You will keep Keep me in this evening Even though You are not here with me – Shadows, Rufus Wainwright Pink senseless shirt from Tiendesitas. And when I say senseless, I mean senseless. Even more senseless than lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. It starts with “remlsp spsy…” and goes on to even more letters that… Continue reading Out of these shadows comes the light

Without giving anything away

You’ll find ships inside of bottles – “Gold in the Air of Summer”, Kings of Convenience Pink blouse, DEI. White camisole, Landmark. Jeans, HerBench. Wood bead necklace. Glass necklace, Punya. Blue cuff bracelet, Circle C. Bag, L’Oreal. Sandals, my mom’s closet. (She offered that I use her white sandals instead… I think I should have… Continue reading Without giving anything away

Cookie Cookie Cookie starts with “C”

Cookie Monster shirt, Tiendesitas, P150. Let this be known: Cookie Monster is my favorite Muppet of all time, because (1) he loves chocolate chip cookies, like I do, and (2) he’s blue! Haha! He’s so cute. I love this shirt! The material is thick but still feels cool (which I LOVE in white shirts), and… Continue reading Cookie Cookie Cookie starts with “C”

And what it all comes down to, my friends

…is that everything’s just fine, fine, fine – “Hand in My Pocket”, Alanis Morisette Purple vintage shirt, Circle C, P85. Tuesday uniform coat, office issue. Slacks, hand me down. Naturalizer shoes. Today I woke up to realize that most of my office clothes are still at the launderer’s. That left me to work with my… Continue reading And what it all comes down to, my friends

You better get me to school on time

School of Rock shirt, Circle C, P75. Pigtails. A huge, red bracelet. Jag jeans. My Sony Ericsson W760i. I love School of Rock. I love military green. I love cheap clothes. I LOVE THIS THIS T-SHIRT. Okay, so that’s not really the logo of School of Rock, but I think the creators of this shirt… Continue reading You better get me to school on time

Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

Graphic t-shirt, unbranded jeans and moon guitar necklace, all from Circle C. Boots from ukay sa Crossing. Beatles bag from Thailand. My outfit for the Alice in Wonderland premier. Of course I was going to wear my little moon guitar necklace. It’s Alice size! Haha! Title from “The Jabberwocky”, Lewis Carroll. Shot taken by Sara… Continue reading Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!