The atmosphere is crawling with airlines

that wind through the clouds and look down on the crowds. -“Air Traffic”, Owl City Green striped drop-waist top. Leggings. Sandals. Wooden beads necklace. Wooden heart necklace. Leather bag. Okay, that green tunic has got to be one of my favorite summer clothes. It feels cool when I wear it! The leggings, too. Black, they… Continue reading The atmosphere is crawling with airlines

Without giving anything away

You’ll find ships inside of bottles – “Gold in the Air of Summer”, Kings of Convenience Pink blouse, DEI. White camisole, Landmark. Jeans, HerBench. Wood bead necklace. Glass necklace, Punya. Blue cuff bracelet, Circle C. Bag, L’Oreal. Sandals, my mom’s closet. (She offered that I use her white sandals instead… I think I should have… Continue reading Without giving anything away

the day breaks and everything is new

Actually, nothing is new here. The green striped drop-waist top is so old, I can’t even read the tag. (Obviously, I can’t remember what store I got it from, either.) I can’t remember where I got the wooden beads necklace, either. I know that I’ve had the wooden heart necklace since second year high school. I… Continue reading the day breaks and everything is new