Get up, I gotta go to work

This here is our Monday uniform. (Yes, I am a web programmer, and yes, we have a uniform. We’re all professional-like like that.) It’s my favorite one in the set, and I thought I’d get a photo wearing it before we start fitting for our new uniforms for 2010. Our tailor for this set was… Continue reading Get up, I gotta go to work

Speaking words of wisdom

…let it be~ ooooooh! -“Let It Be”, The Beatles Beatles+Wii = this shirt. Black shirt, Trapik Jeans USA. Christmas gift from my brother. He bought it in Divisoria. A place I will probably never go to voluntarily. Or, if I ever do, I probably would have done it after taking 10 steadying breaths and reciting,… Continue reading Speaking words of wisdom

and the sun always shines down on your shoes

could be a blue, blue Christmas for you… — “Rocks and Daggers”, Noah and the Whale Chips Ahoy tee, P100. JackSon jeans, P250. InStyle Clogs, P400. Blue beaded bracelet, P50. All from Circle C. For today’s family reunion, I went with my signature color, BLUE! That right there is my new favorite t-shirt. Not only… Continue reading and the sun always shines down on your shoes

I’ll be waiting in my cabin

…until you call for me. Large black tee from a friend’s fundraiser, P150. Black JackSon skinny jeans from Circle C, P250. Black Ohrelle sandals from my mom’s shoe rack. The star of this look (aside from the lighting and PINK FLOWERS!) are my new jeans. I bought them right before the end of 2009. Being… Continue reading I’ll be waiting in my cabin