And what it all comes down to, my friends

…is that everything’s just fine, fine, fine – “Hand in My Pocket”, Alanis Morisette Purple vintage shirt, Circle C, P85. Tuesday uniform coat, office issue. Slacks, hand me down. Naturalizer shoes. Today I woke up to realize that most of my office clothes are still at the launderer’s. That left me to work with my… Continue reading And what it all comes down to, my friends

Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

Graphic t-shirt, unbranded jeans and moon guitar necklace, all from Circle C. Boots from ukay sa Crossing. Beatles bag from Thailand. My outfit for the Alice in Wonderland premier. Of course I was going to wear my little moon guitar necklace. It’s Alice size! Haha! Title from “The Jabberwocky”, Lewis Carroll. Shot taken by Sara… Continue reading Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

Find a road to a humble abode where both of our routes meet

The silver sound is all around and the colors fall like snow – “Rainbow Veins”, Owl City Knit blouse, unbranded, P250. Slacks from…someone…I can’t remember who. Watch from Tomato. Naturalizer shoes. You’ve already seen this blouse…but with jeans. LOL. This time, it’s with slacks! I love tops like this. Put it with jeans and it becomes… Continue reading Find a road to a humble abode where both of our routes meet

Because, because, because, because

So I bought a new pair of Chucks. Because I love Chucks. And because I’ve never had red shoes. And because I was going to the Red Shoes premier. Time to see this pair: a split-second. Time to try it on: 2 minutes. Time to decide if I should get it: a split second. This… Continue reading Because, because, because, because

wait till I come back to your side

Dinosaur Shirt from Robinson’s Galleria Department Store. Unbranded jeans from Circle C. Chucks. 10-year-old Uruk-hai bag from Daki. This is how I dressed during college. Except for the skinnies. I always wore flares then. Oh, and I wore running shoes instead of Chucks then. And— Wait. So this isn’t how I dressed in college. Huh.… Continue reading wait till I come back to your side

Say the word I’m thinking of

Have you heard the word is love – “The Word”, The Beatles. From the Revolver album, 1965. Tank top and jersey combo from Circle C, P300. Jag jeans. Chucks. Dog tag from the Febfair in LB manymany years ago. Watch from Tomato. I’ve been wanting to do this look for a long, long, long time,… Continue reading Say the word I’m thinking of

And I do my little turn on the catwalk

Purple dress, SM Department Store. Sequined shoes, Manels. Silver earrings. White gold and mother of pearl necklace. Mother of pearl bracelet. Black sequined bag. This is what I wore to a friend’s fashion show-themed debut. I’ve worn it only once before, so I’m SO glad to be able to wear it again. It seems such a… Continue reading And I do my little turn on the catwalk