I’ll put a flower in your hair

For the Tangled premier, it’s only right that I use one of my satchels (in honor of Flynn) and put flowers in my hair (in honor of Rapunzel). To be completely honest, if I had a Rapunzel-ish dress—or a Flynn-esque vest, for that matter—I would’ve worn it, but I had to settle for this sort-of-flowy… Continue reading I’ll put a flower in your hair

We drew our own constellations

I spent two days—count ’em, TWO DAYS—to come up with this outfit. Mainly because of these two pieces: Trilby from Lucban, P75. I’ve always wanted a fedora, and when I saw this during the Pahiyas festival, I bought it at once. I didn’t notice that it’s a tad too small for me. I haven’t worn… Continue reading We drew our own constellations

That’s when I love you

Black dress, Kirei, P2000++. Strappy sandals, a gift Ana. Red accessories, borrowed from Karess. Every time I’m reminded of the price, I feel my bank account crying. But the dress is definitely worth it! Agree? I think I tried out around 8 dresses before getting to this one. Some of them I put on and… Continue reading That’s when I love you

See, dreams really do come true

When the Legally Blonde: The Musical began its ran in 2007, I have been so in love with it. I had practically the whole selection in my head, and I can sing along to the soundtrack. I’ve never had the chance to actually watch it live, though. (MTV’s broadcast doesn’t really count as live, of… Continue reading See, dreams really do come true

I’m still an arrow unshot

…fixed in a bow, I’m still, I’m still – “Still”, Great Lake Swimmers Off-shoulder blouse, Shaw MRT Station. Jag jeans. Nine West sandals, borrowed from Karess.  Moon guitar necklace, Circle C. I have never worn this blouse before this shoot. It’s not exactly office material, and for some reason the time to wear it hasn’t… Continue reading I’m still an arrow unshot

sooner or later you’re gonna be the last thing on my mind

Sooner or later I’ll be free to leave the past behind – “Sooner or Later”, The Alan Parsons Project This be my prom dress from my high school senior year. For both of my proms, I was part of the Cotillion dancers, so we were required to wear pink (for the juniors) and blue (for… Continue reading sooner or later you’re gonna be the last thing on my mind

The atmosphere is crawling with airlines

that wind through the clouds and look down on the crowds. -“Air Traffic”, Owl City Green striped drop-waist top. Leggings. Sandals. Wooden beads necklace. Wooden heart necklace. Leather bag. Okay, that green tunic has got to be one of my favorite summer clothes. It feels cool when I wear it! The leggings, too. Black, they… Continue reading The atmosphere is crawling with airlines