Everybody wanna see what it’s like

I need a new necktie. I bought this one when I dressed as a Nerd Herder for the Chuck Season 3 premier day, but I really need to get neckties of other colors. But the necktie isn’t the point of this post. I started wearing glasses when, at ten years old, I realized that I… Continue reading Everybody wanna see what it’s like

she loves the lovin’ things

White collared blouse, Memo, Trinoma, P995. Gray necktie, Pierre Cardin, SM Baguio, P300. Black slacks from my aunt. Converse All Stars, Shoe Salon, P2800 (I think). Right now it’s 01.11.01 here in the Philippines, but it’s still 01.10.10 in the States… which means it’s CHUCK SEASON 3 DAY! Yeah, it’s starting in a few minutes.… Continue reading she loves the lovin’ things