Maglakbay sa simula

When I started this blog, I hated shopping, didn’t wear dresses unless I had to, wore nothing but Chuck Taylors, and thought stockings were only for the 80s. Around the same time, I was also wishing that I could muster what I needed to fulfill my high school dream to travel to Japan. (I really like Japanese… Continue reading Maglakbay sa simula

It makes such an almighty sound

Even if you hate shopping, you won’t not have a shirt, because, most likely, there’s a souvenir shirt in your closet somewhere. (Unless you frequently clean out your closet and donate those shirts elsewhere.) Everyone has, at least once in their lives, received a souvenir shirt. Recently, I’ve removed most of mine from my closet,… Continue reading It makes such an almighty sound

They’re going to better places

I had the big chop. I was nervous. I wasn’t sure if a pixie cut would suit me. My salon would style it, of course, but I had no idea if I could pull it off on a daily basis. Plus, I was comfortable with braiding and curling and styling my long hair. I’ve always had long… Continue reading They’re going to better places

And I do my little turn on the catwalk

Purple dress, SM Department Store. Sequined shoes, Manels. Silver earrings. White gold and mother of pearl necklace. Mother of pearl bracelet. Black sequined bag. This is what I wore to a friend’s fashion show-themed debut. I’ve worn it only once before, so I’m SO glad to be able to wear it again. It seems such a… Continue reading And I do my little turn on the catwalk

I mistook you for a stranger, my lady in a golden outfit

A plum-and-gold-and-brown top, Apple & Eve. Blue jeans, Jag. A black knit bag. A white gold necklace. Silver earrings. Silver shoes, Manel’s. I wonder how many followers of the fashion rules are cringing right now. LOL. On my way out to Tin’s debut in Esplanade. I was not about to get a cab wearing my… Continue reading I mistook you for a stranger, my lady in a golden outfit