And then one day you just appear

I watched Doctor Strange last night, and as is tradition every time I watch a Marvel movie, I wore my Stark Industries hoodie from The Perfect White Shirt. I wrote about it last year when I watched Ant-Man, talking about its thickness (or thinness).

Because it’s loose and comfortable, it makes me look a little shapeless, which is why I usually pair it with leggings. When I’m wearing jeans, like in the photo, I make sure to balance it with a medium to large ladylike bag, like the white one I brought for the night.

That’s usually my personal fashion style: a mix of rugged and (age-appropriate) girly! 🙂

And because hoods are such a recurring theme in the movie, here, have a hood photo!


My jeans in this outfit are by Jag. Flats from a bazaar in UP Town Center. Bag from an online sale somewhere.

Title from the 1982 version of “Feels so Good” by Chuck Mangione.

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