I like songs about drifters

The rule in dressing for flight days is to choose comfort over style, but preferably come up with something that has both. It’s so very to easy to want to look nice and impressive in an airport, but the truth is that you’ll spend lots of time walking or sitting and waiting or standing in line. Comfort, then, is a must.

For my flight back from a ten-day trip, I wore these ensemble of comfortable super comfortable pieces, in a color scheme that can’t go wrong.

This outfit: Jeans, Jag Black. White shirt, H&M. Hoodie, Uniqlo. Headphones, Miniso. Hat. Flats. Hawk bags.

Black and white is the most no-brainer match, really, and the colors come from these pair of headphones I became infatuated with at a Miniso. Incidentally, it’s also the same color as the powerbank I was using. Yay for happy accidents!

My jeans are from Jag, from the Jag Black line. SUPER versatile, I’ve used it in events that has a smart casual dress code, and for lazy weekends.

I’m completely in love with this basic white H&M shirt. It has a soft and airy material without exposing your soul.

The Uniqlo hoodie is a gift from Miii. It has longer sleeves with a thumb hole so it helps keep you a little bit warmer in airports, but  thin enough for cooler days in the tropics, but helps you keep a little bit warmer in airports.

There are lots of ways to dress for the airport, and though this outfit is a no-faile one, I’m always looking for other outfit ideas!

Side note: I don’t usually like getting mirror or bathroom selfies, but when travelling alone, sometimes that’s the only option!

Title from “The World at Large” by Modest Mouse.

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