When the water floods down

I’m sure I’m not the only one who owns clothes that are well-loved, but very rarely used, if at all. They somehow survive wardrobe pruning and purges for years, waiting for us to find the right combination of clothes to wear with it.

Like this adorable tunic tee. I’m not sure if it’s called a tunic or an oversized tee, and on the sides it’s tied at the them to give it like an A-line shape. (I do not know my fashion terms.)

I used usually try to pair it with jeans, or shorts during beach vacations, but the combination didn’t always look very flattering on me, so I didn’t wear it often. I couldn’t let it go, though because of who gave it to me as a gift (Beth is one of my best friends) and because– well, just look at the print. It’s so adorable!

As it turns out, my denim-ish leggings from Circle and the Redfoot boots were what I needed to wear with it. It just had to take really heavy rain for me to discover that.

Other things in this outfit: moon necklace from Punya, bracelets from Bohol, grey Kimbel bag from Market!Market!, trenchcoat from Greenhills.

Title from “Rabbit Hole” by Temper Trap.

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