No rescuin’, she’s fine out there

When getting dressed, we have to only consider not just our personal style, but also our activities for the day, as well as the weather.

Today,  I had to wear something for my appointment in a casual place,  and it had to feel cool for me to survive the humid weather,  but it also had to be ready for a rainy afternoon, as most afternoons have been recently. Sounds easy enough,  except it also had to be appropriate for the meeting I suddenly had with my former office,  which had a corporate dress code. Oh, and it had to survive a 1.5-hour commute without getting wrinkled.

So, in short, I needed an outfit that was cool, rain-ready, wrinkle-free, casual-but-a-little-corporate. Here’s what I came up with.

  • My trusty neutral striped shirt from the the Market! Market! tiangge. Wrinkle-free and works for almost anything.
  • Combat boots from Berca Shoe Store, which I’ve just made rain-ready with Rain & Stain Guard spray the other day.
  • Leggings from Una Rosa, because jeans with boots would be hell in the morning.
  • The black blazer that was our office uniform ages ago. Instant corporate attire!
  • Brown and blue handbag from EGG to match my boots.
  • Brown and blue accessories to match my bag.
  • A tube working as a sort extender, because the outfit looks nicer with it.

What do you guys think?

Title from “Rescue” by Yuna.

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