What you see is really what you see

I like hoodies. But usually, hooded sweaters are so thick, I could only wear them during the cold weather, or in freezing air conditioned rooms. (Which I guess was the whole point of sweaters.)

Until I saw this marvelous Stark Industries hoodie from The Perfect White Shirt. I was passing by their Market! Market! branch after work one day, and I doubled back and bought it within 5 minutes.

The Perfect White shirt is perfect for geeks, non-shopper or not. It’s a guarantee that you’ll find something you want; it’ll actually be harder to just buy one thing.

I love this hoodie because its material and thickness (or thinness, actually) is perfect for the Philippine weather. During the cold months when the weather goes down to 20 degrees, I can pull it over a comfy shirt, but I can still use it as a shirt on days like today, when it’s 28 degrees out.

Plus, and this is the most obvious, being the geek that I am, I love this because it is STARK INDUSTRIES. And, yes, I went to watch Ant-Man today. Thus, the hoodie. Though I wear it even when I’m not off to watch Marvel movies.

This outfit: Stark Industries Hoodie, The Perfect White Shirt. Black tube doubling as a shirt extender. Black leggings. Boots, Berca Shoe Store.

The Perfect White Shirt has lots of other geek apparel, and they have branches in Alabang Town Center, Glorietta, Market! Market!, Robinson’s Manila, and Trinoma. Visit their Facebook Page, Tumblr, or Twitter for more info.

Title from “2020” by Suuns from the Ant-Man UK trailer #2, which I love.

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