It makes such an almighty sound

Even if you hate shopping, you won’t not have a shirt, because, most likely, there’s a souvenir shirt in your closet somewhere. (Unless you frequently clean out your closet and donate those shirts elsewhere.) Everyone has, at least once in their lives, received a souvenir shirt. Recently, I’ve removed most of mine from my closet, though I still kept a few that I like, or have special significance for me.

I like souvenir event t-shirts that don’t look like souvenir event shirts, as I’ve said before. This one is from the <form> function() and .class web design conference held in Manila in 2011. As one of the members of the Philippine Web Designers Organization, we wear our org or event shirts on our monthly web design meetups.

Whenever I wear this shirt, I have fun—or have a bit of a hard time, if I didn’t feel like it—matching the pop of red on the shirt. I used to just wear red lipstick when I had long hair, but for this outfit, I skipped wearing make-up in favor of a pair of earrings from China, plus the huge resin bracelet from I-can’t-even-remember-where, and red ballet flats that you can’t see in the photo.If you’re interested to attend our meetups to learn or share about web design and development, follow the Philippine Web Designers Org on Facebook, or join the group for discussions.–Title from Drumming Song by Florence and the Machine, which was included in the 2011 conference playlist!

2 thoughts on “It makes such an almighty sound

  1. I make T-shirt surgeries on souvenir shirts. xD So I usually keep them for experimental cutting! I wear most of them to the beach or a casual weekend out at the food park.


    1. Hi, Alex! I love t-shirt cutting! I usually do the most basic techniques, though. I’m sure yours are much more creative :p souvenir shirts also make great workout tops if they’re worn-out enough.


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