They’re going to better places

I had the big chop.

I was nervous. I wasn’t sure if a pixie cut would suit me. My salon would style it, of course, but I had no idea if I could pull it off on a daily basis. Plus, I was comfortable with braiding and curling and styling my long hair. I’ve always had long hair, save for that one time in high school when I tried cutting my hair short myself, and those few months from late 2009 to early 2010 when I had an apple bob right before I started this blog.

But I needed a change.

And I could always grow it out if it didn’t work. And I trusted my stylist.

And I needed a change.

So here we are.


Just because of my haircut, all my clothes seem to look new somehow. (Yay, new clothes without shopping!)

Also, it’s time to bring on the earrings. I actually have a LOT of dangling earrings,  but I usually reserved them for special occassions, or when I felt particularly inclined to accessorize. Whenever I had a Closet Purge, there were several times when I wanted to toss my big earrings in the discard pile for the sole reason that I wasn’t using them. But now, they’re a part of my daily outfits! Keeping them is now justified, and I don’t necessarily have to buy new ones!

My Pinterest account, then, now has a boards relating to pixie cuts and styling short hair and how to grow it out gracefully.

This outfit: Blue blouse, DEI. Jeans, Jag. Black tube. Earrings inherited from my mom. Necklace also inherited from my mom. Haircut by my regular stylist, Mr. Bunny at Bench Fix Trinoma.

Title from “Rivers and Roads” by The Head and The Heart.

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