We could see a new start

One of the frustrating things about shopping is not finding what you need. I’d been dreaming of owning riding boots for years, except the boots I saw were suede, or had heels, or were too flashy, or didn’t have my size. I didn’t need another pair of suede boots–my shin-high ones were a lucky score in a thrift shop–because suede doesn’t agree with Manila weather very much, so owning two didn’t make sense. And I didn’t want to buy tall boots with heels because, at 5’6″, I didn’t need the extra height. As for boots that had too many embellishments, they just didn’t suit my style and the rest of my wardrobe.

Then, one day while running errands in Market! Market! after lunch, I passed by a Charles and Keith popup store. I wasn’t even looking, but from the corner of my eye I saw tall brown boots. I did a double-take–surely my eyes decieve me–but there they were. Leather, not suede; no heels; AND IN MY SIZE. And it was the only one on the shelf, and it was at a discounted price of 999PhP  (about 20USD) instead of the regular 4000PhP.

I did a quick quality check for damage, and bought them. Finance advisors might have scolded me because I didn’t even check my budget for the month first, but I’d been waiting for YEARS for this, and it was on sale.


I love these boots. Now, I’ve worn them to work, to weekends out in cooler weather, and in travel. I’ve walked ten thousand steps at a time wearing them (no exaggeration; my pedometer said so) without my feet hurting.

In this photo, I’m in the Pingyao province in China. With my Charles and Keith riding boots, I wore leggings from Una Rosa, my Zara trench coat, the freebie bag from Metrobank, a blue scarf from Canada, and a beret from Baguio. (Those aren’t shades, those are my Covergirl glasses with transition lenses.) Inside the trench coat, I also wore my 1965 shirt, a Terra Nova thermal top, and a tube as a shirt extender.

Title from “Hopeless Wandered” by Mumford and Sons.

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