Like the sun we will live to rise again

I’ve participated in costume parties before, and I’ve always enjoyed dressing up as my favorite characters. Last year I dressed up as a barefoot Captain Jack Sparrow in a pirate shindig. Some time in college I came to a party as the winter Lara Croft. But this one… This one has to be my favorite so far.

Me as Black Widow!

I decided to be a cross between the comic book version and the movie version. Used dark blue Widow’s Bite instead of yellow ones, and black belts instead of the yellow one. Also: guns!


  • Boots that I already owned. Lenina gave them to me several years ago.
  • Leggings, bought for 100 pesos at the Fashion Market. Those are full length ones, and are a bit thicker than my usual ones for the summer. They’re surprisingly not warm, though!
  • V-neck shirt, black long-sleeved, bought for 35 pesos from the ukay-ukay in Ayala MRT station. They’re in perfect shape, and a perfect fit for me. FOR 35 PESOS WOW.
  • Fingerless gloves. I actually just bought 50-peso gloves, and chopped off the fingers.


  • Widow’s Bite. Rolled strips of board, attached to a heavy duty garter from the craft store. It’s supposed to be yellow, if you base your costume on the comic books. Use bullets if you’re basing your costume on the movies.
  • Belts, black leather (P100) and a garrison one from high school. Would’ve put the Black Widow logo on there if I had more time!
  • Guns. Borrowed from a cosplayer friend! She says she bought them from Quiapo several years back. Widow uses Widow’s Bite more than guns, but when she does use guns she uses small pistols.
  • I was hunting for thigh holsters, but couldn’t find any:(

Hair and make-up:

  • Spray-on hair dye in red, P99 per can in Market! Market! Department Store. I used one and a half cans for a full, flaming red coverage.
  • RED LIPSTICK. Black eye liner, black mascara, brown eye shadow, the usual foundation. (All by Sansan, HBC. I can’t remember how much they are.) Didn’t bother with check blush and whatever else. Haha!

How I styled my hair:

  1. First, I put my shirt on. This is important.
  2. My hair likes being super straight and super soft, and won’t allow to be styled when it’s completely dry. So I had to shower first, then blow-dry my hair until almost dry, but not too much.
  3. Then I used a hair iron to curl it in different directions to get that I-just-fought-a-dozen-baddies kind of frizz, occasionally spritzing with a medium-hold hair spray to keep the curls from going straight after a few seconds. (My hair’s stubborn that way.)
  4. Last is the color. I wore an old skirt over my clothes so they won’t get stained. (Use a barber’s coat if you have access to one.) Also, I made sure to cover my neck and forehead before proceeding. Then, I just sprayed away! There are a dozen videos on youtube for it, like this one.  The tip about the use of a hairdryer and the distance of the can helped a lot.

Since I enjoyed this one so much, I think I might use it again in other parties. I’ll work on completing the whole thing and making sure I get the little details right!


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