There’s a light on the porch here for someone

The problem: My closet is too full. Some of my clothes get all wrinkled in the closet because they’re squished together.

The other problem: My closet is REALLY too full. I “lose” some of my clothes because they’re stashed in the back of my closet. I actually forget they’re there.

The goal: Redeem some closet space

The plan: Do a grage sale.

It’s settled! I’m having a garage sale! I’m not yet sure when, though. Probably this Saturday, if I’m able to prepare everything by then. Cramming much?

Like I said in my previous post, I love all my clothes. And some of them are really good (and some are geeky, actually) so I’ll be posting some pieces for you guys to reserve if you like them. And then you can pick it up during the sale, or we can meet up. 🙂

I really hope the people who will buy my clothes will love them as much as I do!

Title from “Neighbor”, Band of Horses

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