One rock ‘n’ roll too many

One rock 'n' roll too manyLast Sunday at our house in Tandang Sora, I looked at my cabinet and I said, “Wow, my closet is full.” The same night in my apartment in Mandaluyong, I looked at my cabinet and I said, “Wow, my closet is full.”

That means I had two closets full of clothes. And not teeny tiny closets, either. For each closet I had ample hanger space, and at least four tall piles of folded clothes (supposedly segregated into shirts, shorts, blouses and sleepwear). That’s for EACH closet. And I had TWO.

I therefore concluded that I had WAY too much clothes.

But, we all wonder, how is it possible for a non-shopper, a girl who HATES shopping, to have too many clothes?

The answer is easy: I love my clothes.

See, I hate shopping for clothes, right? That means that when I DO buy something, that means I really really like it. That means that if I had a choice, I wasn’t going to get rid of them quickly, because getting rid of my clothes meant needing to buy new ones which meant going to the mall (or thrift store) and going shopping. Which we all know I hate.

Last summer I already attempted to discard the clothes I haven’t been using. I don’t think I was very successful. I ended up just using the stuff I haven’t been using. Which really isn’t a bad thing…

But I realized that I do have to get rid of some pieces soon. All the clothes still in my closet rock, I believe that, but there is just too many of them!

So here I am amidst clothes and clothes and clothes. I’m not sure what to do with them yet, but I am sure that they have to leave my closet. Soon.

4 thoughts on “One rock ‘n’ roll too many

    1. Ooooh eBay! I’m actually already considering doing a garage sale… But now I’m considering eBay. Haha! I haven’t tried selling there, though.

      Do you think I can get more from eBay as opposed to a garage sale, or an online sale like in Ukay Manila?


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