But I still have one more question on my mind

But I still have one question in my mind
This yellow blouse was a Christmas gift from Sara last year. She made the yellow and white flowers 😀

I’ll be honest here: I’ve never worn it. 😦 See it was so cute…too cute. Haha! At the time, I wasn’t sure if I could pull off “cute” nicely.

“It’s too cold for it, anyway,” I had said.

Summer of 2010 came around, and I still didn’t wear it. I wanted to wear it, I really did, but, again, it was too cute, too girly. And I didn’t know what to wear with it. Or so I said.

Now, it’s almost the cold season again, and I still haven’t worn it. But LOOK! I know what to wear with it now! Ahahaha! I found my white headband hidden in my drawer. These are too tight for me; I get headaches if I wear it for too long. So I’m going to buy me another one that fits me properly. And then I’m finally going to wear this cutie blouse.

Question: do you think I can pull off cute?

I didn’t bother putting on make-up lol. But it kinda matches the whole… light, fluffy feel of the photo, yes? No? *ahem* Never mind.

Title from “The Bird And The Worm”, Owl City.

5 thoughts on “But I still have one more question on my mind

  1. Definitely! Cute blouse went very well with your embroidered boyfriend-pants. You should have taken another “cute” shot of your backside 🙂 Nice job, Sara and Sarah!


  2. YAY! It eez niiiiice ❤
    It's funny because I bought this and I remembered much later your thingy about "summer" colors do not work for you…… but apparently I disregarded that completely and gave the blouse anyway. XD It looks great, dear. Even without the headband 😀


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