tinuruan mo ang puso ko na umibig ng tunay

There is a shirt that was made just in time for the Eraserheads Final Set. There were many shirts designed and printed for the event, but there was one that stood out for me. I bought it just in time for the concert, so, even though the neckline wasn’t quite…right for me, I wore it anyway.

me and the amigas on March '09

I haven’t worn it since, mostly because awesome memories were connected to it, and I didn’t want to “taint” it with new ones—yes, I’m an Eraseheads fangirl—and partly because, like I said, the neckline wasn’t quite right. Kind of like my Tetsuwan Atom shirt.

tinuruan mo ang puso ko na umibig ng tunay

So, like what I did to that shirt, I took my sewing shears and snipped away. I tried a different neckline this time, though. Watcha think?

Despite my concern, though, the shirt hasn’t quite been tainted yet. Whenever I see this in my closet, or before and after wearing it, I sigh and remember the Eraserheads’ Final Set. And then I sigh once again as I remember the years I grew up to their music.

Thank you, Eraserheads, for being the first Filipino band I truly loved.

Eheads Final Set 3709” shirt, from Noytee. I can’t remember how much I spent for this. Haha! Also, my DKNY bag, a silver chain necklace, my pig necklace, two kinds of bangles, my watch, and my ponytail thingy (yes, I kind of wore it as a bracelet).

Lyrics from “Ang Huling El Bimbo”, by (obviously) The Eraserheads.

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