sooner or later you’re gonna be the last thing on my mind

sooner or later you're gonna be the last thing on my mindSooner or later
I’ll be free to leave the past behind

– “Sooner or Later”, The Alan Parsons Project

This be my prom dress from my high school senior year. For both of my proms, I was part of the Cotillion dancers, so we were required to wear pink (for the juniors) and blue (for the seniors). But I think I still would have worn blue, even if I had the choice to wear another color. Haha!

I wanted a simple, rather conservative gown—I think you guys already know that I don’t like exposing…skin—and, as mentioned, I was required to wear blue, so we had this made. It had sequins lining the neckline and around the waist area. A couple of layers of chiffon underneath the skirt. And the outer material was tule, I believe… And it was so…flowy. I loved it.

I so SO love this dress that until now I still have trouble letting it go. I’ve had it in my closet for years now, and I’ve even lent it out to one or two younger cousins. It still fits me, oddly enough, but, to be honest, I don’t think I’ll be wearing this again. Some friends have suggested that I have it reconstructed into a more current dress. Some have told me to donate it.

I honestly don’t know what to do with it, because I still love it the way it is now.

Told you I had trouble letting go.

About the photo
Photography by Veejay Jimenez. Yup, this is one of the photos out of my shoot.

Sarah means “princess”, and the gown is rather princessly, so it only made sense to be a princess in this photo.  A rather bored princess who doesn’t want to go to the ball. And refuses to wear heels and wants to wear her Chucks, instead.

8 thoughts on “sooner or later you’re gonna be the last thing on my mind

  1. I remember you mentioning before about you wanting the dress like Relena’s XD
    HEEEEE I love you you did the shot, it looks so professional like for a magazine… one thing I can’t get out of my head though, is that it looks like Hilary Duff/A Cinderella Story to me.


    1. Wait. You still remember that bit about Relena? O_O Dude, your memory can be WICKED sometimes! Last time I said that, we were in high school!

      A Cinderella Story, you say? GAH. Totally unintentional. I didn’t even notice until you said so.


  2. A dress with chucks will always remind me of that movie >___< never mind that I never watched it, but the poster was enough to burn that image in my mind.

    And yes, I tend to remember odd (often useless) things vividly. 😀


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