Can I ignore that sound of distant drumming

This, here… This, right here… It is a milestone.

Can I ignore that sound of distant drumming

I saw this in the Get Laud! website late last year and instantly fell in love with it. But, since I’m a shirt jeans girl who doesn’t wear dresses unless completely necessary, I had second (and third) thoughts about buying it. At one point I even closed the window to the catalog and tried to forget about buying it. But I could almost hear the dress calling out to me in the form of strong Indian war drums from Pocahontas’ tribe.

I logged back on the Get Laud! website again and emailed their sales team to ask if they had this dress in the branch near me.

If they don’t have it, then I’m not getting it, I thought to myself.

But it’s so prettyyyyyyyyyyy! I thought again.

But it’s a DRESS, I insisted in thought.ย And I don’t do dresses unless the situation required it. And situations that required dresses usually required formal ones, so I might not be able to wear this dress after all and I was really, really, REALLY just making up excuses at this point.

So, anyway. I emailed Get Laud, right? They replied quickly, and said that the branches near me, in fact, did NOT have it anymore. Aww.

Butโ€”you had to know there was a “but” comingโ€” they’ve checked their other branches, and found one. ONE. One LAST piece. In the whole of Metro Manila. And they were going to have it sent to the branch of my choice if I wanted to.


I hit “Reply”, and said “Yes, please, and can you girls check if this other shirt dress I like is available?”

I got my order about a week later.

But I didn’t wear dresses on normal days, right? So, after admiring this cute printed dress, I stashed it in my closet, waiting for an event that requires dresses so I can finally wear it.

About five months later, I still haven’t worn it.

And then, while I was cleaning out my closet the other day, I decided that okay, FINE, I was going to wear this dress even though the situation didn’t actually require it. I’ll just wear it with leggings or something. Or over jeans. Or… something. But it was MUCH too hot for a dress and leggings. Even moreso for a dress and jeans.

The result? My Get Laud! dress with the awesome Indian (-ish) print. Chocolate brown stockings (because I’m still not comfortable with having my legs bare without good reason). My brown suede boots. A bracelet you can’t see in the photo. My leather bag.

I can’t say that I’m turning back on the whole I’ll-wear-a-dress-only-when-absolutely-necessary set-up… But this outfit? It. Is. LOVE.

Title from “Just Around the Riverbend”, Disney’s Pocahontas Soundtrack.

5 thoughts on “Can I ignore that sound of distant drumming

  1. I used to say that about dresses, too, but after some time, I realized how effortless it is to wear a dress — no thinking, just put it on, find nice shoes and that’s it! Of course, you can’t always wear them, but it’s nice to feel girly every once in a while. ๐Ÿ™‚

    YAAAY. So pretty Sarah. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Oh, and you know I was also a forever-shirt-and-jeans-girl but then I realized I was doing that for no real concrete reason, so I bought a skirt. ๐Ÿ˜€ Nothing’s preventing you from wearing any sort of clothing except for yourself (unless there’s a reason I don’t know about), so just do it! ๐Ÿ™‚ *hugs sarah*


    1. I prefer jeans because (1) I don’t like showing my legs, and (2) it’s MUCH easier to wear jeans. Picking shoes to match it is easier. And I don’t have to be conscious of whether or not the wind or something else lifts it to reveal body parts that shouldn’t be revealed.

      So, yes. Jeans are love.


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