say goodbye to before

say goodbye to beforeMe sorting through new, sorta new, and old clothes. I obviously wasn’t ready for a photo.

Every summer, there’s a week when we rummage through our stuff to sort out, organize, and discard…stuff. You can call this spring cleaning (I know I do) even though we technically don’t have spring in the Philippines.

Usually, when I attempt to reorganize my room, I tend to start with my closet, mostly because that’s where it’s easiest to stuff things I don’t use anymore. More often than not, I’d  find more than one piece of clothing that I haven’t worn in a year. And, more often that not, I’d just refold it and tell myself that I’ll use it soon. I usually don’t. And then my mom would remind me that I should really get rid of those clothes so I’ll have space for new ones. I usually say that I don’t need the space for new ones because I don’t really new ones because the clothes I still have are perfectly fine.

But she has a perfectly good point.

And, with this whole non-shopper project, I am starting to shop more, so I’m starting to need the space like my mom said.

So, this year, when I did my spring cleaning, I decided with conviction that I was going to get rid of the clothes I don’t use anymore, and use ALL the clothes I was going to keep.

One whole day after starting and I’m not even halfway done. It’s a pretty hard task: deciding whether or not to discard clothes that are still in pretty good condition. Like I said before, I take care of my clothes. Also, going online and looking for ways to use my old clothes in a current fashion trend also takes a lot of time. Let’s see what happens in the coming days, yes?

Title from “Bye Bye Bye”, Plants and Animals.

3 thoughts on “say goodbye to before

    1. Haha! Yes, indeed! After so many years and so many spring cleanings, that shirt remains in my closet. It’s so comfyyyyyyyyyyyyy!


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