waiting for my rocket to come

waiting for my rocket to come

Blue shirt, Teens Extreme, Circle C. Jeans, HerBench. Clogs, InStyle, Circle C.  Denim bag, Heartstrings. Watch, Tomato. Headband from my mom’s dresser.

So in an attempt to reuse my old clothes, I pulled out my straight jeans from the late 90s. Yes. The 90s. I take care of my clothes, thank you very much.

I read somewhere recently that boyfriend jeans are so last year, but pardon me who isn’t following the cutting edge of fashion trends. I only heard the term recently, and I’ve never tried wearing them. So here I am, trying it on for size.

For those who, like me, aren’t very familiar with the trend: wearing boyfriend jeans is wearing oversized or straight denim jeans that look like they’re your boyfriend’s. Boyfriend jeans are supposed to be worn with very girly stuff (like tight-fitting tops, boots or strappy sandals), and the ankles are recommended to be shown as more proof of girliness.

I’m not sure if I pulled it off. I think I need to wear a different pair of shoes. Or maybe I need more accessories? Or an even girlier top? I’m not entirely proud of this outfit, but I don’t think I looked completely horrid. Hm. Must improve this look.

About the photo

Shot taken at UP Diliman Film Institute. At noon. In the summer. It was HOTTTTTTTTTTgah

I don’t know what that thing is beside me.

Title from “Curbside Prophet”, Jason Mraz.

3 thoughts on “waiting for my rocket to come

  1. 😀 you look like you’re inching away from the sunlit area as the shaded corner becomes smaller and smaller

    I think your look is fine, maybe the one thing I can critique is that it’s too blue. Rather, too much of the same shade of blue. and maybe strappy sandals would be better?


    1. Inching away from the heat? Yes, that’s the whole concept of the shot. Hehe.

      Too blue? Yeah, you’re right 😦 I did this outfit before, minus the boyfriend jeans, plus skinnies. It kind of worked then. Or maybe it’s because I had a different bracelet on that broke the blue.

      *sigh* Oh well. 😀


  2. I love the boyfriend jeans! I will try that sometime.

    And yuh, I would have to agree, it’s too blue. Also, the little bag on your shoulder didn’t work for me. I think it’d be better if you were holding it, or if it’s not there at all.

    But I totally love love love boyfriend jeans!

    You could have used a tighter shirt though, or a racerback! That would be lovely!

    Anyhoo I talk too much, where did you buy that blue shirt? I love it.



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