Baby, behave, we’ll make it work

Baby, behave, we'll make it work1920’s-inspired Lavender feather clip from Tin’s debut. Also, my mom’s mother of pearl necklace with a white gold chain. And my purple dress.

At the debut, we were all required to wear this feathery headdress they gave out at the door. But I didn’t know beforehand, so my hair wasn’t exactly…prepped for it. I think I spent 15 minutes in the ladies’ room trying to clip this on my hair properly! I think I kind of pulled it off, though. Kind of.

I wasn’t planning on featuring this separately (and, come on, my hair is seriously a MESS that night!) but I realized that you can’t really see the headdress in my red carpet photo.

About the photo
Taken by Chique. Today I’m wearing a blouse I already blogged about, and I’m being lazy and I don’t want to dig in my accessories for something else to shoot, so I’m falling back on old shots. Haha!

Title from “Earth”, Imogen Heap, because I love Imogen Heap, and because Imogen has feathers in her hair.

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