wait till I come back to your side

wait till I come back to your sideDinosaur Shirt from Robinson’s Galleria Department Store. Unbranded jeans from Circle C. Chucks. 10-year-old Uruk-hai bag from Daki.

This is how I dressed during college. Except for the skinnies. I always wore flares then. Oh, and I wore running shoes instead of Chucks then. And— Wait. So this isn’t how I dressed in college. Huh. LOL.

But aaaaaaaaanyway. When I was preparing to go watch the From Paris with Love premier, one of my roommates said that I looked like a college student. Har~

About the photo
Hehe. The advantages of staying in the mall until closing time include finding awesome places to shoot. Like this one. Yey for this flatish escalator/conveyer-belt-looking thingy!

So I realize that you can’t really see the details of what I’m wearing here. But I loooooove how the shot turned out! You can click on the photo to see the larger version on Flickr. Thanks for helping me, Jori!

Title from “Wait”, The Beatles

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