makes the land appear like a really old movie

makes the land appear like a really old movie

Again, Wednesday. It’s white and gray day at the office, which is a nice day to bring out the neutrals, and/or splash color on them. And since we’re still in the Valentine’s month, I chose to add red to my black and white combo. (Because I’ve never worn red on Valentine’s.)

Everybody loves this coat. I got this from my aunt—same aunt who gave me the Naturalizer shoes in this photo. Every time I wear this coat, more than half the people I see that day greets me and my coat. They either say how nice it is, how nice it looks on me, how nice red looks on me, or how, because of my coat, they just might try to wear bright red, too.

Seeing as how I know practically nothing about fashion,  it’s feels nice to know that somehow my clothes are inspiring other people, too. Hehe. Thanks for the support, guys!

About the photo
Karess and I sneaked in a shoot while waiting for our carpool. We’ve taken several OK shots, but we decided to take a few more, until I ran out of things to do, and the beloved wind was ruining my hair. Scratched my head, and viola! You have this photo. Yep. We love candid shots.

Title from “Another White Dash”, Butterfly Boucher.

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