You could be making the grade

You could be making the grade

Coat from our Monday uniform by Adi Velasquez. Black shirt from Kamiseta. Black slacks. Plastic crystal necklace from…er…I dunno.

Mixed my monday uniform with…non-uniform clothes. Ended up looking like a teacher. Which wasn’t so bad. Except, I am NOT a teacher. My mom is a teacher, though. And I think she had a photo very much like this several years ago.

I bought NOTHING in this outfit. The coat was paid for by our office. The pants were excellent quality hand-me-downs from my mom. The blouse was bought by my mom when I was in high school. (Yes. High school. And yes, it still fits me. I was fond of loose clothes then.) And the necklace…Darn, I can’t remember where I got it from! I think my mom gave me that, too.

…I mix-matched! Successfully! YEY!!! *insert dancing emoticon here*

Title from “Teacher’s Pet”, Pupil

2 thoughts on “You could be making the grade

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