I see a new lover coming

I see a new lover comingYesterday we swung by Tiendesitas to have dinner after our trip to Enchanted Kingdom.  We were exhausted and hungry, so, in an effort to ignore my growling tummy, I turned to the clothes shops nearby.

See, I’ve only been to Tiendesitas once in my life, and that was within the year of their opening.  At that time, we went shopping around for Christmas gifts. If I remember correctly, we bought a couple of lamps and other house decors, and more than a few trinkets and keychains. I don’t remember seeing (or much less going to) the fashion section there… Either it wasn’t there before, or I just blocked it out since, y’know, I hate shopping for clothes.

So, anyway, I’ve heard people saying that you can buy nice clothes there. But since I’ve always viewed Tiendesitas as (1) far from our house, and (2) on the high end, I never really had the drive to go back and check it out.

Well, as it turns out, the clothes there are good mix of proper and funky, laid back and formal. As for the prices, I saw more some mall-priced clothes, some tiangge-priced clothes, and some ukay-priced clothes.

In the short time that Ate Steph and I browsed 3 shops, I was able to buy a 50-peso senseless shirt and a 150-peso excellently embroidered shirt.  I almost bought a long purple tank top for 100 pesos, but I didn’t get it because I already had one. (Which, in hindsight, was a pretty lame reason. I should’ve gotten it.) To say that I was happy with my purchases would be an understatement. Will blog about them soon.

There was a band playing nearby; I reckon we did our non-shopping for 3 songs, which is roughly 10 minutes. That’s pretty good time, if you ask me. Now, what I need to do is learn how to commute to Tiendesitas…

So. The verdict? Tiendesitas = non-shopper-approved!

P1000328 copy

Title from “Chances Are”, Apostle of Hustle.

One thought on “I see a new lover coming

  1. The first (and only) time I commuted to Tiendesitas we took a bus from Robinson’s Galleria (along Ortigas Ave? side). G Liner ata yun (the green and yellow buses), basta tanong mo lang kung nagbababa sa Tiendesitas. Actually di naman sya in front, but we had to walk a couple of blocks of unshaded sidewalk. yeah. I don’t think that helped XD


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