You’re gonna get your trousers changed

You're gonna get your trousers changed

JackSon Jeans, Circle C, P250.

If you’re wondering what brand JackSon is, it’s one of those unbranded brands. LOL. Y’know, those clothes you get in thrift shops…Clothes that are brand new, but not exactly branded, but…have a logo on it, anyway? Yeah. That kind.

And if you’re thinking that “JackSon jeans” sounds familiar, it’s probably because I’ve been mentioning it many times already in this blog. This particular pair of skinnies is my favorite pair of jeans at the moment. It’s dark so it goes with my office blouses, but can also work (of course) with Chucks and a t-shirt. Also, the embroidery on the back pockets are cute–nothing overly spectacular, but pretty good for a 250-peso pair of jeans, yes?

(And in case anybody’s wondering: I had my hair trimmed yesterday, and I did not like my new do. Therefore, no shots of my hair for the past two days. We’ll see tomorrow.)

Shot at our office library. Many thanks to Ana for the shoot.

Title from “Failure”, Kings of Convenience.

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