I could have been in bare feet

I could have been in bare feet

Black leather heels, Naturalizer. Bought from my aunt for P1500.

My office shoes! You might have seen this pair of shoes in my previous posts, but I don’t think I ever featured them.

I’ve heard my mom rave about how soft and comfortable Naturalizer shoes were, but I never got to try them (or see them) until my aunt sold me her barely-used–or was it brand new?–pair.

And, you know what? My mom was right. It took me a couple of months of adjusting, though. (I wasn’t used to wearing leather shoes for long periods of time…not since high school. And even then I wore socks.) But once I got used to them, it was as if I wasn’t wearing leather at all.

Photo from yesterday’s shoot.

Title from “Sideways”, Sam Isaac

5 thoughts on “I could have been in bare feet

  1. No, never used them at all. For the longest time I’ve been wanting to buy a pair of Naturalizer shoes but either I didn’t have the money or time, or both. Finally, I bought those from Shangrila because of the best sales pitch used on me, “Mukhang lumiliit paa mo dyan, maam.” Sucker, I know. So glad it’s found a home in your closet.


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