You get to where you get

You get to where you get“…on the backs of those you trust”
Marching Orders, Andrea Wittgen

Blue shirt, Teens Extreme, Circle C (from my mom). Jeans, JackSon, Circle C (bought by me). Clogs, InStyle, Circle C (bought by me). Silver sand dollar necklace, inherited from my mom (who got it from a friend in Canada). Silver cuff bracelet, inherited from my mom (from the 80s!). Denim bag, Heartstrings (given to me by…someone in the 90s).

BLUE!!!! Looking at this photo now, I realize that if I added just one more blue thing to my outfit, I’d probably explode. Haha!

I love how this outfit is part given to me by my mom, part given to us by somebody else, and part  bought by me. And put together by yours truly. Yey! Will you agree with me that I’m sortakinda developing my style? Not quite yet? Okay. Fair enough. Haha!

About the photo
Taken at the Wack-wack Country Club right after the Century lunch for the bloggers. I honestly didn’t know that Century was repackaging their gourmet line…in BLUE. So I was pretty much (unintentionally) going with the color theme for the day.

Today’s song gets geek props for mentioning Mordor. Yeah~

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