try to find one who’s gonna give ya true lovin’

find one who's gonna give ya true lovin'I hate shopping for clothes. That’s common knowledge. But what I hate even more is shopping for shoes in department stores. Why? Because when I was a kid, we had to do it at the start of every school year, and we had to battle with other moms and kids buying new school shoes, and I had to take off my shoes, put on the pair in question, try walking in them, take them off again, and put on a new pair and on and on and on and ARGH I hated it.

But tonight, guess what I did. Shopping. For SHOES.

After work. I went to Trinoma to look at dancing shoes with my mom. See, I’ve been ballroom dancing for years now (not that my form is perfect, but I dance for fun) but I’ve only had one pair of dancing shoes. For years, I passed by dancing shoes in the mall, glanced at them, but never actually got a new pair. I chose instead to semi-torture myself with regular shoes while dancing.

…Er…yes. I chose pain over shopping. Gah.

Anyway. Back to tonight. My mom was there before me, so she had already chosen the brands I was to look at. We looked at Milani first. I quickly chose around 5 pairs of shoes and asked the salesman to get them in my size. Three of those pairs weren’t available in my size. So, I tried a pair. I loved it. I tried the other pair, and decided that I still loved the first one. My mom asked me if I wanted the salesman to get the other designs that I was looking at while waiting, or if I wanted to look in another brand. I said, “No, I’ll get this one.” My mom chuckled and muttered, “Non-shopper.”

Why, yes, that’s exactly what I am.

Time spent shopping for my new dancing shoes: 10 minutes.

Title from “Shop Around”, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles

2 thoughts on “try to find one who’s gonna give ya true lovin’

    1. Kanya-kanyang trip lang. Hehe. I’m glad I found one I liked, too 🙂 I’ll write about it soon. (It’s not the one on the photo)


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