your mind’s what’s hot

your mind's what's hotBrown wrap-around blouse, Apple & Eve.

I can’t remember how much I bought this for. I got this for my college grad ball four years ago. I love it ever so much, but my mom told me recently that she doesn’t see me wear it. I easily answered that I usually wear it in the office…only to realize that I haven’t been wearing it in a loooooong time! I just see it in my wardrobe, take it out, smile at it, and then put it back. GAH. I wonder how many of my clothes are like that. I gotta start wearing them again. Or get rid of them.

But I am NOT gonna get rid of this one. Not anytime soon.

And, oh yes: I LOVE Apple & Eve.

About the photo
Tried out shooting with a pair of chopsticks in my hand. But that didn’t work well. (Outtake here.)

Title from “You Don’t Have to Believe Me”, Eric Hutchinson. I had a hard time choosing which line to use because the whole song is LOVE.

5 thoughts on “your mind’s what’s hot

  1. ohs! I LOVE YOUR TOP! but i can never wear them. 😦 it looks good on slim people. believe me, i tried. it only makes me look more bigger! haha.


    1. This top makes me slimmer than I actually am, to be honest. Hehe. I’m sure you’ll find a top that flatters your figure, too πŸ™‚


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