Are you and me gonna happen soon

are you and me gonna happen soon

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Fashion Market. I remember that time a few years ago when I went with our family to check the newly opened mall out… and I actually remember buying a few pieces there. (Of course, my parents paid for it.) I remember buying a hematite bracelet there back when nobody was wearing it yet. I think I bought my tangzhuang-style blouse there.

I didn’t go to Market! Market! often for a few years, because it was three cities away from our house.

But now, it’s right across my office.

I’ve been working here for two years but I think I’ve only gone shopping there for one or two times. Yes, I hate shopping, but I don’t think that has anything to do with it. I mean, I’ve gone shopping in other places recently. Why not visit the “bargain hunter’s heaven” (as Ayala Malls calls it) when it’s right across the street?

About the photo
I was bummed out today when I realized that I was wearing my Monday uniform, which meant I probably won’t have any blog post. But then, while staring rather listlessly out the window after the work day finished, I saw the well-lit Market! Market. And then realization hit my quite painfully on the head.

Title from “Are You & Me Gonna Happen”, E. I don’t usually do song titles, but methinks this one fits my post.

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