she loves the lovin’ things

she loves the lovin' thingsWhite collared blouse, Memo, Trinoma, P995. Gray necktie, Pierre Cardin, SM Baguio, P300. Black slacks from my aunt. Converse All Stars, Shoe Salon, P2800 (I think).

Right now it’s 01.11.01 here in the Philippines, but it’s still 01.10.10 in the States… which means it’s CHUCK SEASON 3 DAY! Yeah, it’s starting in a few minutes. So, to celebrate it, I got me my Nerd Herd duds on! I failed to print my ID on time, though. (Pic below.)

I wanted to wear the whole outfit the whole day, but company rules made me change out of my beloved Chucks. Which is fine, because I think (maybe) I feel more at work when I have my office shoes on.

Title from “Any Way You Want It” by Journey. One of the songs in the very first episode of Chuck. Yeah~

About the photo
I solicited the help of my roommate and officemate Karess for this shot. She took a couple of test shots that actually turned out nice! (If only I was looking at the camera.)

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