I just started lookin’ ’round

I just started lookin' 'round

Brown printed wrap-around blouse, Regatta, Trinoma, ~P600.

I bought this blouse… last year, I believe. It was one of the first piece of girly clothing (that isn’t a shirt) that I bought on a whim. Nobody told me to buy a new blouse for the office. Nobody was shopping with me. I was simply walking on my way home, saw the blouse, loved it, and decided to buy it with my own money. It was rather exciting and terrifying at the same time, given the fact that there wasn’t anyone with me at the time to tell me that it was a good choice. And it was really a bit pricey. But it was a good buy. My mom said so when I got home, and that alone already made it all right.

On a side note: I should’ve worn a bracelet. Hm.

About the photo
I’ve always wanted to do a shoot in our office restroom! The lighting is nice there for putting on make-up, and, apparently, for some photos, too. The pin lights are a bit tricky, though. It took me a while before I got the right face angle to minimize shadows. Ah, but I ended up choosing the shot with me looking down…again. Many thanks to Ana and Karess for helping me out!

Title from “Don’t Take My Advice”, Port O’Brien.

2 thoughts on “I just started lookin’ ’round

  1. Thought the pensive pose was/were intentional. Here it allows you to show off your fab hair and lovely lips. Hmmmm…next time you model an office outfit, maybe try sitting on the counter or standing by the sink?


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