Find me a sky-high cliff

DSC01175 copy…Just let me try
To jump right off maybe I’ll fly

– “Looking Out The Window With A Blue Hat On”, E

Black and white blouse, Cocomo. Black slacks, GEXE. Both were handed down from my mom.

What’s so great about high quality clothes is that they can last a long, long time. But the thing is: they can outlast its fashion lifetime, and I can’t get rid of them because they’re not faded or anything yet, and they’re expensive… So I end up keeping them. That’s why I don’t buy new clothes. That, and that I simply just hate shopping.

But, as my mom said, all you have to do is buy classic pieces. Take my pants in this photo, for example. It’s just a straight black piece that will go out of style only when wearing pants in the office becomes passé. The trick is in mixing classic pieces with trendy ones. Now, that—selecting and shopping for trendy pieces, I mean—is something that I have yet to learn.

About the photo
Sneaked in a quick shoot before the lunch break ended. I only had time for about three shots before I had to run back to my desk. This wasn’t my initial concept, and I think maybe I could have come up with better shots than this if I had more time, but, save for my slightly blurred face, this one looks pretty okay, yes?

We had blue glass panels for our staircase/fire exit, so I had to adjust the red curves in Photoshop to lessen the blueness. Even if the word “blue” is in today’s song title.

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