I like songs about drifters

The rule in dressing for flight days is to choose comfort over style, but preferably come up with something that has both. It’s so very to easy to want to look nice and impressive in an airport, but the truth is that you’ll spend lots of time walking or sitting and waiting or standing in line. Comfort, then, is a must. Continue reading →

They’re going to better places

I had the big chop.

I was nervous. I wasn’t sure if a pixie cut would suit me. My salon would style it, of course, but I had no idea if I could pull it off on a daily basis. Plus, I was comfortable with braiding and curling and styling my long hair. I’ve always had long hair, save for that one time in high school when I tried cutting my hair short myself, and those few months from late 2009 to early 2010 when I had an apple bob right before I started this blog.

But I needed a change. Continue reading →

I pull my shirt on, walk out the door

Then I see you
You’re walking ‘cross the campus

-“Campus”, Vampire Weekend

Since what I’ve been working on for more than a month now has to do with youth and students and high school and college and students and teachers and campuses… Here’s me wearing a school-ish outfit.

I pull my shirt on, walk out the door

Sort of.

Depends on where you’re from.



White striped blouse, found and owned from my mom’s closet. Black shirt, Giordano. Knapsack, Kipling, from 15 years ago (no exaggeration). Jeans from Jag. Still-being-broken-in ankle boots from Bass. Watch from Tomato. Bracelets I made in college. Glasses. And, student-mode-me in true form: zero make-up.

I almost wore my Chucks with this outfit, but, like I said, I’m still trying to break in my boots.

This was at noon. Harsh lighting+glass window+red tiles = dramatic lighting. <3

Say the word I’m thinking of

Say the word I'm thinking of

Have you heard the word is love
– “The Word”, The Beatles. From the Revolver album, 1965.

Tank top and jersey combo from Circle C, P300. Jag jeans. Chucks. Dog tag from the Febfair in LB manymany years ago. Watch from Tomato.

I’ve been wanting to do this look for a long, long, long time, but I couldn’t find a shirt like that that looked good on me. And I didn’t have a tank top. Until now. And, even better, I got them both as a combo. Wheeee!

Darn. Now I want to cut the neckline of some of my not-used-anymore shirts. Haha!

About the photo
I love shooting in UP Film Center at noon. The harsh lighting does wonders in this setting, for some reason. Must be the orange brick?

I mistook you for a stranger, my lady in a golden outfit

I mistook you for a stranger, my lady in a golden outfit

A plum-and-gold-and-brown top, Apple & Eve. Blue jeans, Jag. A black knit bag. A white gold necklace. Silver earrings. Silver shoes, Manel’s.

I wonder how many followers of the fashion rules are cringing right now. LOL.

On my way out to Tin’s debut in Esplanade. I was not about to get a cab wearing my formal dress. At 3 PM. No way. If it was already in the night, it would’ve be easier: I probably would have just thrown on a coat and I was fine. But no. It was 3 PM. So, no. I packed my dress into my mom’s bag before leaving. Haha!

Title from “Goji Berries”, Rubik.