Not in love with you quite yet

As a someone who hates shopping, you won’t see me jumping to buy the next big trend in clothing. I like to stay in the bounds of timeless clothing (except, of course, if they were souvenir shirts, or geek ones that had movie references.) When everybody started wearing printed leggings, I was so sure that they wouldn’t suit me.

I’m not as sure now. Continue reading →

Oh not that old

As someone who hates shopping, I try to take care of my things so that I won’t have to shop for its replacement in case I wear it out or lose it. This is why the phrases “from ages ago” and “I can’t remember where I got these” pop up lots of times in this blog. Continue reading →

We drew our own constellations

We drew our own constellations

I spent two days—count ’em, TWO DAYS—to come up with this outfit. Mainly because of these two pieces:

Trilby from Lucban, P75. I’ve always wanted a fedora, and when I saw this during the Pahiyas festival, I bought it at once. I didn’t notice that it’s a tad too small for me. I haven’t worn it since, and I was thinking of sell it (or giving it away) and buy another one. But I ended up deciding to keep it. It’s been in my closet for half a year, patiently waiting for me to put it on my head.

Leather ankle boots from Bass, a gift from a friend. I was a bit hesitant about these boots. I mean, as many of you know, I LOVE boots, but…ankle boots? I wasn’t quite sure. I didn’t know if I had the jeans to wear them with (my other jeans keep bunching up around it), and I didn’t know if I had any other outfits to go with them. Ah, but I tried them, anyway.

So I had two things I definitely wanted to use—actually, I NEEDED to use them if I was to convince myself that they had a place in my wardrobe.

After many trial combinations and variations and mix and matching, I finally threw them together with my a graphic shirt from Circle C, a robot necklace from my brother (which you cannot see in this photo), my favorite unbranded jeans from Circle C, and my favorite satchel from Metrobank.

And, whaddya know? I think this combination might actually be working. Yeah?

“listen to all the translations
of the stories across the sky”

Title from “Constellations”, Jack Johnson

oh yeah, I’m looking at the sun

oh yeah I'm looking at the sunShades, Punya. Blue blouseDEI. Lace tank. Jeans,  Jag. Brown leather bag, Celine. Necklace and bracelet from my mom’s dresser.

It’s looking to be an extremely hot summer, but thank goodness for the human invention called the sunglasses.

The other day I was at People are People looking at sunglasses and fell in love with a pair. It was rather pricey, though, so I put it down and decided to buy it next time (if it was still there). About an hour later as I was browsing the new stuff at Punya, I saw an almost identical pair… except the hue was blue instead of black, and it was half the price.

That’s the best “except” I’ve written in a while, yes? Yes! It fits nicely on my nosebridge, and my eyelashes don’t reach it.  Oh, thank God! That’s always been my problem with shades and glasses. The one down side of having long eyelashes 🙁

Needless to say, I bought the shades. It costs P150, in case anybody’s wondering.

Title from “Looking at the Sun”, Gramercy Arms. Such a happy, summer-y song.

You better get me to school on time

You better get me to school on timeSchool of Rock shirt, Circle C, P75. Pigtails. A huge, red bracelet. Jag jeans. My Sony Ericsson W760i.

I love School of Rock.

I love military green.

I love cheap clothes.


Okay, so that’s not really the logo of School of Rock, but I think the creators of this shirt nailed the branding, don’t you think so, too? And, look, it’s 75 pesos. Circle C is love.

Title from “School of Rock” by Jack Black, from… School of Rock. Haha!

Say the word I’m thinking of

Say the word I'm thinking of

Have you heard the word is love
– “The Word”, The Beatles. From the Revolver album, 1965.

Tank top and jersey combo from Circle C, P300. Jag jeans. Chucks. Dog tag from the Febfair in LB manymany years ago. Watch from Tomato.

I’ve been wanting to do this look for a long, long, long time, but I couldn’t find a shirt like that that looked good on me. And I didn’t have a tank top. Until now. And, even better, I got them both as a combo. Wheeee!

Darn. Now I want to cut the neckline of some of my not-used-anymore shirts. Haha!

About the photo
I love shooting in UP Film Center at noon. The harsh lighting does wonders in this setting, for some reason. Must be the orange brick?

I just wanna stop and thank You

I just wanna stop and thank You

Red smock blouse, Shaw Blvd. MRT Station, P150. Darn. I have to ask the lady there what the name of her store is. There are a lot of clothing stalls in the Shaw Station, but the one I usually go to is at the EDSA Central End, Southbound side.

Valentine’s Day. We were to wear red and/or white, but I chose to wear red for fun. Also wore dark jeans from Circle C—I didn’t realize they were dark green until I saw this photo—and a brown bracelet. And brown leather shoes from Otto.

Title from “How Sweet It Is to be Loved by You”, Marvin Gaye. Because we sang it.

and she said, “love it all, love it all, love it all”


If ever you find yourself in Congressional Avenue, try to swing by Circle C. And if ever you swing by Circle C, go to the second floor, find the Gallery, and look for a little nook called Punya. They don’t have a banner, I think, but it looks like this:


And has these:


Good stuff, yes? I saw the stall today while I was in search of a necklace to go with my plain old shirts. I found exactly what I needed with the help of Ruby,  the girl watching the stall. I wasn’t able to ask her if she actually owned the place or not, but I do know that she can make necklaces for you while you wait. They can be as low as P80, depending on the pendant and the kind of chain/string to use.

She makes the necklaces. And also wears them.

(Also, she likes photography, so she happily let me take photos in the stall. She even let me try out her Olympus DSLR. I can’t remember what model it was. Haha!)

I only got a really simple necklace, but they’ve got tons of other stuff. From earthy to metal, from goth to bordering on tweetums, from big rocks to playful plastic. I’ll definitely go back there. And if you’re in the area, try to visit, too! 🙂

Title from “Love It All”, The Kooks

whenever there’s fun there’s always Coca-Cola

whenever there's fun there's always Coca-ColaCoca-Cola tee, Circle C, P100. Jag jeans. Gold heart necklace, Guadalupe bangketa, P50.

Okay, so I’m sort of refraining from drinking Coke as if it was water since I’m hyperacidic and I’ve got a heart thingy and all that, BUT I STILL LOVE COKE.

And even if I do completely stop drinking Coke, there’s nothing wrong with having it on my shirt, yes? ;p

Heee~ These shirts are making me look slimmer than I actually am.

About the photo
My pose kinda made my jeans ride lower than they should lol. Good thing my shirt’s long.

Title from “Always Coca-Cola”, Joey Diggs

And because I’m feeling nostalgic: