but I keep you warm

but I keep you warmZara coat, somewhere in Spain. Jag jeans, P250. Clogs, InStyle clogs, P400. Crocheted beret, Baguio bangketa, P10.  Mother of pearl bracelet, Circle C, P100?

I’ve been wanting a coat for the longest time. I’ve been wanting a trenchcoat, actually, just because it looks cool in John Woo movies. But I never got one, because, let’s face it: the Philippines is a tropical place, we don’t have winter, and it’s HOT in Manila. So no coat for me. Until my dad bought me a coat in Spain. I LOVE IT!!! I’ve been using it in the office sometimes, but never outside.

Until now.

Oh, Baguio, how I love you for your weather.

Title from “Tip of the Iceberg”, Owl City.

what you love is more than you can afford

what you love is more than you can afford

Yellow and red shirt, Red Girl, Robinsons Galleria, P250. Black jeans, JackSon, Circle C, P250. InStyle Clogs, P400.

Today we arrived in BAGUIO! Yey! This is one place I absolutely love, but have only visited so few times. I can’t afford to go there with my own money yet because I don’t actually have a travel budget. All my leisure money goes to music, movies and food. Hehe. I really need to include travel in there.

ANYWAY. On to my clothes. I know I said in my previous post that I only had very few yellow shirts, yes? Well, this is one of them. I bought it in Robinsons Galleria, in one of those temporary stalls in the lobby. The shirt has a red vest thingy on it, which makes it fun because I don’t have vests in my closet anymore. Do you think I should try vests on again?

About the photo
Like I said, Baguio. My brother took this shot for me while we were waiting for our lunch in Wood Nymph, an authentic Korean restaurant–and I say authentic because all the customers were Koreans! This was high noon, thus my weird, trying-not-to-squint face.

Title from “Only Son”, Local Natives.

oh what a thing to do

DSC01217 copyOne Life to Live shirt, Quadro, P150.

This shirt by Quadro is one of my very few yellow shirts. Yellow doesn’t suit me well, being a Winter and all, but this shade is just right, methinks. Bought it for 150 when our church had a One Life to Live series.

Tonight I managed to squeeze in a shoot while doodling on my planner. Hehe. Writing on my planner while wearing a shirt about life. Yey, yes?

About the photo
Propped my cameraphone on my bag. This was around 7PM, and it was dark out already, of course. Thus the graininess of the photo. Bleh.

Title from “Yellow” by Coldplay

I just started lookin’ ’round

I just started lookin' 'round

Brown printed wrap-around blouse, Regatta, Trinoma, ~P600.

I bought this blouse… last year, I believe. It was one of the first piece of girly clothing (that isn’t a shirt) that I bought on a whim. Nobody told me to buy a new blouse for the office. Nobody was shopping with me. I was simply walking on my way home, saw the blouse, loved it, and decided to buy it with my own money. It was rather exciting and terrifying at the same time, given the fact that there wasn’t anyone with me at the time to tell me that it was a good choice. And it was really a bit pricey. But it was a good buy. My mom said so when I got home, and that alone already made it all right.

On a side note: I should’ve worn a bracelet. Hm.

About the photo
I’ve always wanted to do a shoot in our office restroom! The lighting is nice there for putting on make-up, and, apparently, for some photos, too. The pin lights are a bit tricky, though. It took me a while before I got the right face angle to minimize shadows. Ah, but I ended up choosing the shot with me looking down…again. Many thanks to Ana and Karess for helping me out!

Title from “Don’t Take My Advice”, Port O’Brien.

Find me a sky-high cliff

DSC01175 copy…Just let me try
To jump right off maybe I’ll fly

– “Looking Out The Window With A Blue Hat On”, E

Black and white blouse, Cocomo. Black slacks, GEXE. Both were handed down from my mom.

What’s so great about high quality clothes is that they can last a long, long time. But the thing is: they can outlast its fashion lifetime, and I can’t get rid of them because they’re not faded or anything yet, and they’re expensive… So I end up keeping them. That’s why I don’t buy new clothes. That, and that I simply just hate shopping.

But, as my mom said, all you have to do is buy classic pieces. Take my pants in this photo, for example. It’s just a straight black piece that will go out of style only when wearing pants in the office becomes passé. The trick is in mixing classic pieces with trendy ones. Now, that—selecting and shopping for trendy pieces, I mean—is something that I have yet to learn.

About the photo
Sneaked in a quick shoot before the lunch break ended. I only had time for about three shots before I had to run back to my desk. This wasn’t my initial concept, and I think maybe I could have come up with better shots than this if I had more time, but, save for my slightly blurred face, this one looks pretty okay, yes?

We had blue glass panels for our staircase/fire exit, so I had to adjust the red curves in Photoshop to lessen the blueness. Even if the word “blue” is in today’s song title.

The way you wear your hat

the way you wear your hat

This here is my cowboy hat. It’s not leather, and it’s not even real suede, but I love it. While at the Pahiyas festival in Lucban, Quezon back in mid-May 2005, I saw farmers and cowboys wearing old, worn-out hats like this one, and I knew then that it was the predestined time for me to finally have a cowboy hat. I found a store by the street carrying it in blue, black and brown. Bought this one for 250 pesos, and never regretted it. Not that it wasn’t a bargain to begin with. I had too much of a hard time hiding my giddy face, so I didn’t bother asking for a discount.

I’ve used this hat for costume parties, for trips under the sun, and for no reason whatsoever while working at home. I’m pretty sure I wore it at least once while dueling with my thesis.

About the photo
I discovered that my dresser light provides great lighting. Karess kept the room lights off to get a dramatic effect. Nice one, roommie.

Title taken from “They Can’t Take That Away From Me” by the Gershwins (and Fred Astaire)

Get up, I gotta go to work

get up, I gotta go to workThis here is our Monday uniform. (Yes, I am a web programmer, and yes, we have a uniform. We’re all professional-like like that.) It’s my favorite one in the set, and I thought I’d get a photo wearing it before we start fitting for our new uniforms for 2010. Our tailor for this set was Adi Velasquez.

By the way, who else had a terrible time trying to get up early for work this morning? I know I did! But, thank goodness, I wasn’t late. I even had time for breakfast! But I forgot my make-up kit on my dresser. Darn it.

Title from “Outside Villanova”, Eric Hutchinson, my track of the morning.

About the photo
Rush photography in the office when everybody else went downstairs for lunch. Propped my cellphone on a rack of CD spindles. Graaah I knew I was going to start having a hard time with this once work starts. Ah, but I press on!!!

Speaking words of wisdom

Speaking words of wisdom

…let it be~ ooooooh!
-“Let It Be”, The Beatles

Beatles+Wii = this shirt.

Black shirt, Trapik Jeans USA. Christmas gift from my brother. He bought it in Divisoria. A place I will probably never go to voluntarily. Or, if I ever do, I probably would have done it after taking 10 steadying breaths and reciting, “You’re going to be okay, you’re going to be okay, you’re going to be okay…” many, many, manymanymany times.

On a side note: Our topic in this year’s prayer and fasting is WISDOM. Heeheehee.

About the photo
The noonday sunlight in my room looks nice, doesn’t it? 😀 I just slightly adjusted the contrast to make my wall less blue.

and the sun always shines down on your shoes

and the sun always shines down on your shoes

could be a blue, blue Christmas for you…
— “Rocks and Daggers”, Noah and the Whale

Chips Ahoy tee, P100. JackSon jeans, P250. InStyle Clogs, P400. Blue beaded bracelet, P50. All from Circle C.

For today’s family reunion, I went with my signature color, BLUE! That right there is my new favorite t-shirt. Not only is it blue, but it also bears the logo of one of my favorite snacks ever since I was a kid. Chips Ahoy! is LOVE.

That pair of clogs are just…ARGH. I love them. They’re wood, but oh so comfortable.  Compared to the other sandals displayed with them, they were a bit pricey — originally tagged P500, but I was able to get the salesgirl to bring it down to 400 — but it was well worth it! I mean, just look at those heels, man!

Time to shop for the everything I’m wearing in this photo (plus more): 40 minutes. Circle C is awesome for non-shoppers like me.

About the photo
Taken in my room using my Sony Ericsson W760i propped up on a desk and several books. Lighting provided by the morning sun. The pinkish hue was due to a pink scarf hung in my window as a substitute for a curtain.

I’ll be waiting in my cabin

I'll be waiting in my cabin

…until you call for me.

Large black tee from a friend’s fundraiser, P150. Black JackSon skinny jeans from Circle C, P250. Black Ohrelle sandals from my mom’s shoe rack.

The star of this look (aside from the lighting and PINK FLOWERS!) are my new jeans. I bought them right before the end of 2009. Being a girl who relied on Bench and Jag and Bobson and other boutiques for jeans, finding well-fitting skinny jeans  was like finding gold. Well, at least that’s what it felt like to me, since, y’know, I’m not used to shopping yet and all.

I must also note that it’s been a while since I’ve worn black jeans. I usually wear blue ones.

Those are my mom’s Ohrelle sandals. I borrowed them for this photoshoot because they look nice. And I must also find a similar pair for myself.

About the photo
Taken in Balai Indang, Cavite. Jan 1, 2010.

I originally didn’t want to start 2010 (or this blog) with a sad-ish photo, but I liked this photo, and I think 2010 is going to be a year of waiting for me, in a way. It’s also going to be a year of action, but there are several things I’m waiting for.