Believe, oh, please believe in all your wild dreams

Believe, oh, please believe in all your wild dreams“The well is full and you can fill your cup.”
– Hearts and Minds, Matt Pond PA

I didn’t really like shirts with big flowers sewn into them…except this one. Not that I had anything against big flowers, it’s just… I was more for the plain t-shirts or rock girl-ish designs. (And plain corporate blouses, of course, for work.) I believe this top was bought for me by my mom—gosh, when was that? I can’t remember anymore. There was a time when this was the girliest thing I wore on normal days. (Of course I was girlier in formal events and stuff.) But now, I think I have several girlier tops. Hehe. Who would’ve thought, eh?

About the photo
Bright sun + overcast noon sky + orange bricks + my lumix = this photo. I HEART MY NEW LUMIX.

I hate my hair today, by the way.

try to find one who’s gonna give ya true lovin’

find one who's gonna give ya true lovin'I hate shopping for clothes. That’s common knowledge. But what I hate even more is shopping for shoes in department stores. Why? Because when I was a kid, we had to do it at the start of every school year, and we had to battle with other moms and kids buying new school shoes, and I had to take off my shoes, put on the pair in question, try walking in them, take them off again, and put on a new pair and on and on and on and ARGH I hated it.

But tonight, guess what I did. Shopping. For SHOES.

After work. I went to Trinoma to look at dancing shoes with my mom. See, I’ve been ballroom dancing for years now (not that my form is perfect, but I dance for fun) but I’ve only had one pair of dancing shoes. For years, I passed by dancing shoes in the mall, glanced at them, but never actually got a new pair. I chose instead to semi-torture myself with regular shoes while dancing.

…Er…yes. I chose pain over shopping. Gah.

Anyway. Back to tonight. My mom was there before me, so she had already chosen the brands I was to look at. We looked at Milani first. I quickly chose around 5 pairs of shoes and asked the salesman to get them in my size. Three of those pairs weren’t available in my size. So, I tried a pair. I loved it. I tried the other pair, and decided that I still loved the first one. My mom asked me if I wanted the salesman to get the other designs that I was looking at while waiting, or if I wanted to look in another brand. I said, “No, I’ll get this one.” My mom chuckled and muttered, “Non-shopper.”

Why, yes, that’s exactly what I am.

Time spent shopping for my new dancing shoes: 10 minutes.

Title from “Shop Around”, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles

Well honey I sing about you

Well honey I sing about youViolet smock, Unica Hija, inherited from my mom. Jag jeans. Hemp sandals, Circle C, P250.

My outfit for today as we led praise and worship in church, except I wore my boots on stage. But I changed into the sandals because (1) they look better for this shot, and (2) my feet were starting to hurt from jumping around in boots with 2-inch high heels.

I read somewhere that smock tops weren’t recommended for my body type, but the people around me seem to like seeing me in smock tops. Hehe. This one especially. Every time I wear this, people give props to my outfit. Without fail.

About the photo
Had a shoot at the side of UP Diliman’s Film Insitute while waiting for my family. I tried several trial shots, but this one worked best, I think.

Title from “I Bloom Blaum”, Coldplay.

she loves the lovin’ things

she loves the lovin' thingsWhite collared blouse, Memo, Trinoma, P995. Gray necktie, Pierre Cardin, SM Baguio, P300. Black slacks from my aunt. Converse All Stars, Shoe Salon, P2800 (I think).

Right now it’s 01.11.01 here in the Philippines, but it’s still 01.10.10 in the States… which means it’s CHUCK SEASON 3 DAY! Yeah, it’s starting in a few minutes. So, to celebrate it, I got me my Nerd Herd duds on! I failed to print my ID on time, though. (Pic below.)

I wanted to wear the whole outfit the whole day, but company rules made me change out of my beloved Chucks. Which is fine, because I think (maybe) I feel more at work when I have my office shoes on.

Title from “Any Way You Want It” by Journey. One of the songs in the very first episode of Chuck. Yeah~

About the photo
I solicited the help of my roommate and officemate Karess for this shot. She took a couple of test shots that actually turned out nice! (If only I was looking at the camera.)

what you love is more than you can afford

what you love is more than you can afford

Yellow and red shirt, Red Girl, Robinsons Galleria, P250. Black jeans, JackSon, Circle C, P250. InStyle Clogs, P400.

Today we arrived in BAGUIO! Yey! This is one place I absolutely love, but have only visited so few times. I can’t afford to go there with my own money yet because I don’t actually have a travel budget. All my leisure money goes to music, movies and food. Hehe. I really need to include travel in there.

ANYWAY. On to my clothes. I know I said in my previous post that I only had very few yellow shirts, yes? Well, this is one of them. I bought it in Robinsons Galleria, in one of those temporary stalls in the lobby. The shirt has a red vest thingy on it, which makes it fun because I don’t have vests in my closet anymore. Do you think I should try vests on again?

About the photo
Like I said, Baguio. My brother took this shot for me while we were waiting for our lunch in Wood Nymph, an authentic Korean restaurant–and I say authentic because all the customers were Koreans! This was high noon, thus my weird, trying-not-to-squint face.

Title from “Only Son”, Local Natives.

Find me a sky-high cliff

DSC01175 copy…Just let me try
To jump right off maybe I’ll fly

– “Looking Out The Window With A Blue Hat On”, E

Black and white blouse, Cocomo. Black slacks, GEXE. Both were handed down from my mom.

What’s so great about high quality clothes is that they can last a long, long time. But the thing is: they can outlast its fashion lifetime, and I can’t get rid of them because they’re not faded or anything yet, and they’re expensive… So I end up keeping them. That’s why I don’t buy new clothes. That, and that I simply just hate shopping.

But, as my mom said, all you have to do is buy classic pieces. Take my pants in this photo, for example. It’s just a straight black piece that will go out of style only when wearing pants in the office becomes passé. The trick is in mixing classic pieces with trendy ones. Now, that—selecting and shopping for trendy pieces, I mean—is something that I have yet to learn.

About the photo
Sneaked in a quick shoot before the lunch break ended. I only had time for about three shots before I had to run back to my desk. This wasn’t my initial concept, and I think maybe I could have come up with better shots than this if I had more time, but, save for my slightly blurred face, this one looks pretty okay, yes?

We had blue glass panels for our staircase/fire exit, so I had to adjust the red curves in Photoshop to lessen the blueness. Even if the word “blue” is in today’s song title.

and the sun always shines down on your shoes

and the sun always shines down on your shoes

could be a blue, blue Christmas for you…
— “Rocks and Daggers”, Noah and the Whale

Chips Ahoy tee, P100. JackSon jeans, P250. InStyle Clogs, P400. Blue beaded bracelet, P50. All from Circle C.

For today’s family reunion, I went with my signature color, BLUE! That right there is my new favorite t-shirt. Not only is it blue, but it also bears the logo of one of my favorite snacks ever since I was a kid. Chips Ahoy! is LOVE.

That pair of clogs are just…ARGH. I love them. They’re wood, but oh so comfortable.  Compared to the other sandals displayed with them, they were a bit pricey — originally tagged P500, but I was able to get the salesgirl to bring it down to 400 — but it was well worth it! I mean, just look at those heels, man!

Time to shop for the everything I’m wearing in this photo (plus more): 40 minutes. Circle C is awesome for non-shoppers like me.

About the photo
Taken in my room using my Sony Ericsson W760i propped up on a desk and several books. Lighting provided by the morning sun. The pinkish hue was due to a pink scarf hung in my window as a substitute for a curtain.

I’ll be waiting in my cabin

I'll be waiting in my cabin

…until you call for me.

Large black tee from a friend’s fundraiser, P150. Black JackSon skinny jeans from Circle C, P250. Black Ohrelle sandals from my mom’s shoe rack.

The star of this look (aside from the lighting and PINK FLOWERS!) are my new jeans. I bought them right before the end of 2009. Being a girl who relied on Bench and Jag and Bobson and other boutiques for jeans, finding well-fitting skinny jeans  was like finding gold. Well, at least that’s what it felt like to me, since, y’know, I’m not used to shopping yet and all.

I must also note that it’s been a while since I’ve worn black jeans. I usually wear blue ones.

Those are my mom’s Ohrelle sandals. I borrowed them for this photoshoot because they look nice. And I must also find a similar pair for myself.

About the photo
Taken in Balai Indang, Cavite. Jan 1, 2010.

I originally didn’t want to start 2010 (or this blog) with a sad-ish photo, but I liked this photo, and I think 2010 is going to be a year of waiting for me, in a way. It’s also going to be a year of action, but there are several things I’m waiting for.