and she said, “love it all, love it all, love it all”


If ever you find yourself in Congressional Avenue, try to swing by Circle C. And if ever you swing by Circle C, go to the second floor, find the Gallery, and look for a little nook called Punya. They don’t have a banner, I think, but it looks like this:


And has these:


Good stuff, yes? I saw the stall today while I was in search of a necklace to go with my plain old shirts. I found exactly what I needed with the help of Ruby,  the girl watching the stall. I wasn’t able to ask her if she actually owned the place or not, but I do know that she can make necklaces for you while you wait. They can be as low as P80, depending on the pendant and the kind of chain/string to use.

She makes the necklaces. And also wears them.

(Also, she likes photography, so she happily let me take photos in the stall. She even let me try out her Olympus DSLR. I can’t remember what model it was. Haha!)

I only got a really simple necklace, but they’ve got tons of other stuff. From earthy to metal, from goth to bordering on tweetums, from big rocks to playful plastic. I’ll definitely go back there. And if you’re in the area, try to visit, too! 🙂

Title from “Love It All”, The Kooks

You could be anywhere

You could be anywhere“If we could sit together a moment
And talk forever just to pass the time . . .”
– “I’ll Meet You There”, Owl City

Gray boatneck top, Baguio ukay, P80. Unbranded jeans from Circle C. Mother of pearl bracelet. DKNY bag from my mom. G-clef necklace from Cebu (which you probably can’t see). Nokia cellphone lol.

Lori took this shot of me at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf after we watched Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.

So this blouse. It’s my one and only loot from Baguio. It’s expensive for Baguio ukay, I know, but it’s niiiiiiice~

And, yes, I’m loving boat necks. (And stripes, too, but there aren’t any stripes on my clothes today. Haha.)

I see a new lover coming

I see a new lover comingYesterday we swung by Tiendesitas to have dinner after our trip to Enchanted Kingdom.  We were exhausted and hungry, so, in an effort to ignore my growling tummy, I turned to the clothes shops nearby.

See, I’ve only been to Tiendesitas once in my life, and that was within the year of their opening.  At that time, we went shopping around for Christmas gifts. If I remember correctly, we bought a couple of lamps and other house decors, and more than a few trinkets and keychains. I don’t remember seeing (or much less going to) the fashion section there… Either it wasn’t there before, or I just blocked it out since, y’know, I hate shopping for clothes.

So, anyway, I’ve heard people saying that you can buy nice clothes there. But since I’ve always viewed Tiendesitas as (1) far from our house, and (2) on the high end, I never really had the drive to go back and check it out.

Well, as it turns out, the clothes there are good mix of proper and funky, laid back and formal. As for the prices, I saw more some mall-priced clothes, some tiangge-priced clothes, and some ukay-priced clothes.

In the short time that Ate Steph and I browsed 3 shops, I was able to buy a 50-peso senseless shirt and a 150-peso excellently embroidered shirt.  I almost bought a long purple tank top for 100 pesos, but I didn’t get it because I already had one. (Which, in hindsight, was a pretty lame reason. I should’ve gotten it.) To say that I was happy with my purchases would be an understatement. Will blog about them soon.

There was a band playing nearby; I reckon we did our non-shopping for 3 songs, which is roughly 10 minutes. That’s pretty good time, if you ask me. Now, what I need to do is learn how to commute to Tiendesitas…

So. The verdict? Tiendesitas = non-shopper-approved!

P1000328 copy

Title from “Chances Are”, Apostle of Hustle.

Are you and me gonna happen soon

are you and me gonna happen soon

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Fashion Market. I remember that time a few years ago when I went with our family to check the newly opened mall out… and I actually remember buying a few pieces there. (Of course, my parents paid for it.) I remember buying a hematite bracelet there back when nobody was wearing it yet. I think I bought my tangzhuang-style blouse there.

I didn’t go to Market! Market! often for a few years, because it was three cities away from our house.

But now, it’s right across my office.

I’ve been working here for two years but I think I’ve only gone shopping there for one or two times. Yes, I hate shopping, but I don’t think that has anything to do with it. I mean, I’ve gone shopping in other places recently. Why not visit the “bargain hunter’s heaven” (as Ayala Malls calls it) when it’s right across the street?

About the photo
I was bummed out today when I realized that I was wearing my Monday uniform, which meant I probably won’t have any blog post. But then, while staring rather listlessly out the window after the work day finished, I saw the well-lit Market! Market. And then realization hit my quite painfully on the head.

Title from “Are You & Me Gonna Happen”, E. I don’t usually do song titles, but methinks this one fits my post.

Weaving in and out of line

I think I“the sidewalk’s full of merchandise”
– “Lion in a Coma”, Animal Collective

Today Sara and I fulfilled our plan to go shopping in an ukay-ukay. We went to the one Noelle wrote about, the one right next to the Anonas LRT-2 station.

Confession: When we got off the jeep and I saw the sign saying “Lolo Oboy’s”, I felt giddy and excited and scared. Let’s face it: thrift stores kind of scare me. SO MANY HANGERS. @_@ I attempt to go in them, but I’m usually unsuccessful in finding treasures, unlike other people I know. I didn’t want to screw the whole op and leave an ukay heaven empty-handed. (Like what I did in Baguio, for example.)

But still, I marched forward. After all, I wasn’t charging on by myself.

So. Like Noelle said, the place was four floors of thrift shops. Sara and I checked out the first shop there, and, after painstakingly browsing through the racks, I saw this gem. But it was too small for me. Drat.

After several more minutes of browsing–and, to be honest, I was starting to feel my energy draining from me already–I delightfully found two tops I could buy. They were the kind I needed, and they actually fit me well! Sadly, though, the price was much higher than I expected. But I got them anyway.

Sara digging for goldLesson learned: thrift stores near the entrance of the mall/ukay center are more expensive. Therefore, go deeper. Or, in this case, go higher. Sara and I went straight to the top floor. And, behold! There were racks that had clothes for P50 each, and even P10 each. There were LOTS of cute skirts, but I didn’t get any because, like most people know, I don’t do skirts. But if you love skirts, you’ll probably enjoy looking through those racks.

We looked into several more shops, and I surprisingly bought a couple more tops. Yey! But as happy as I was that I was being productive, I was feeling my shopper stamina reaching a critically low level. If I was a game character, the health bar would probably be in red.

One observation about Lolo Oboy’s: as cheap as the items were, you cannot get discounts from the tag prices. I mean, you can’t haggle with the salesladies. Being used to tiangges, this is pretty much a new thing to me. And there were also rather expensive items (for ukay standards, anyway).

In the last shop we went into, I very nearly got this Zara bolero that was priced P380. It was rather thin and creased, but it was Zara. It looked reaaaally nice on me, and since boleros don’t usually work with me, this was a rare find. But I said I was only going to get items lower than 200. I already had to break that for a rare, rare shirt (I’ll blog about it later and show you why), so I decided that I would just have to hunt for a cheaper, unbranded bolero.

So, in summary, I did not leave Lolo Oboy’s empty-handed, and the expedition to Anonas was rather productive. It drained me a bit, though, and made me realize that maybe I’m still not quite ready for mega ukay experiences yet.

Gah. I have a loooooooooong way to go to being a real shopper. *sigh* Someday, maybe. Or maybe not. We’ll see.

Lolo Oboy's