Someone comes along and shows you a brand new way

Someone comes along and shows you a brand new way

I couldn’t resist.

For yet another Tangled screening, I put flowers in my hair again. No flowy princess blouse or any Flynn Rider satchel this time, but I did put my hair in braids.

I’ve forever loved braids, but…the reality is: braids and my hair don’t mix. No matter how I tug or keep my hands steady, my hair slips out of the braids. And even if I do manage to braid my hair, the tie always slides off too early for my liking. *sigh*

BUT I wanted to try braids today, so with the help of water and hair cuticle wax and pins and pins and pins (and my pretty flowers!) VIOLA! Yey braids!

I found a Rapunzel braid tutorial video the other week, and though my hair wasn’t even close to long enough for the whole thing, I at least got the Dutch lace braid down. Haha! (I finished the microbraids, too, but the English braid kept unravelling. So no English braids, and I just let the little guys get lost in the ponytail. Awww~

Title from “Something That I Want”, Grace Potter. From the Tangled Soundtrack.

There’s a light on the porch here for someone

The problem: My closet is too full. Some of my clothes get all wrinkled in the closet because they’re squished together.

The other problem: My closet is REALLY too full. I “lose” some of my clothes because they’re stashed in the back of my closet. I actually forget they’re there.

The goal: Redeem some closet space

The plan: Do a grage sale.

It’s settled! I’m having a garage sale! I’m not yet sure when, though. Probably this Saturday, if I’m able to prepare everything by then. Cramming much?

Like I said in my previous post, I love all my clothes. And some of them are really good (and some are geeky, actually) so I’ll be posting some pieces for you guys to reserve if you like them. And then you can pick it up during the sale, or we can meet up. 🙂

I really hope the people who will buy my clothes will love them as much as I do!

Title from “Neighbor”, Band of Horses

One rock ‘n’ roll too many

One rock 'n' roll too manyLast Sunday at our house in Tandang Sora, I looked at my cabinet and I said, “Wow, my closet is full.” The same night in my apartment in Mandaluyong, I looked at my cabinet and I said, “Wow, my closet is full.”

That means I had two closets full of clothes. And not teeny tiny closets, either. For each closet I had ample hanger space, and at least four tall piles of folded clothes (supposedly segregated into shirts, shorts, blouses and sleepwear). That’s for EACH closet. And I had TWO.

I therefore concluded that I had WAY too much clothes.

But, we all wonder, how is it possible for a non-shopper, a girl who HATES shopping, to have too many clothes?

The answer is easy: I love my clothes.

See, I hate shopping for clothes, right? That means that when I DO buy something, that means I really really like it. That means that if I had a choice, I wasn’t going to get rid of them quickly, because getting rid of my clothes meant needing to buy new ones which meant going to the mall (or thrift store) and going shopping. Which we all know I hate.

Last summer I already attempted to discard the clothes I haven’t been using. I don’t think I was very successful. I ended up just using the stuff I haven’t been using. Which really isn’t a bad thing…

But I realized that I do have to get rid of some pieces soon. All the clothes still in my closet rock, I believe that, but there is just too many of them!

So here I am amidst clothes and clothes and clothes. I’m not sure what to do with them yet, but I am sure that they have to leave my closet. Soon.

sooner or later you’re gonna be the last thing on my mind

sooner or later you're gonna be the last thing on my mindSooner or later
I’ll be free to leave the past behind

– “Sooner or Later”, The Alan Parsons Project

This be my prom dress from my high school senior year. For both of my proms, I was part of the Cotillion dancers, so we were required to wear pink (for the juniors) and blue (for the seniors). But I think I still would have worn blue, even if I had the choice to wear another color. Haha!

I wanted a simple, rather conservative gown—I think you guys already know that I don’t like exposing…skin—and, as mentioned, I was required to wear blue, so we had this made. It had sequins lining the neckline and around the waist area. A couple of layers of chiffon underneath the skirt. And the outer material was tule, I believe… And it was so…flowy. I loved it.

I so SO love this dress that until now I still have trouble letting it go. I’ve had it in my closet for years now, and I’ve even lent it out to one or two younger cousins. It still fits me, oddly enough, but, to be honest, I don’t think I’ll be wearing this again. Some friends have suggested that I have it reconstructed into a more current dress. Some have told me to donate it.

I honestly don’t know what to do with it, because I still love it the way it is now.

Told you I had trouble letting go.

About the photo
Photography by Veejay Jimenez. Yup, this is one of the photos out of my shoot.

Sarah means “princess”, and the gown is rather princessly, so it only made sense to be a princess in this photo.  A rather bored princess who doesn’t want to go to the ball. And refuses to wear heels and wants to wear her Chucks, instead.

And if you were here then I’d have a choice to live, not be alone

And if you were here then I'd have a choice to live, not be alone

Chips Ahoy tee, Circle C. Jag jeans. Chucks. Tomato watch.

Nothing new or spectacular here in terms of my clothes. Just playing around with the stone…thingies…while waiting for our photo shoot.

For the title I wanted to use something with a three monkeys feel…or something. Ah, but it takes too much time to hunt down the lyrics I want sometimes, and I wanted to post this already. So there.

In case anyone’s wondering, here’s how I pick my titles.

1.) Stare at the photo and wait for a song to magically pop in my head.

2.) Continue (1) until you get impatient.

3.) If nothing happens, make a randomized playlist and wait for a song lyric that can somehow be related to the photo.

4.) Continue doing (3) until successful.

5.) Write the blog post.

LOL. So, yes, I pick a title first before the blog post. Because, really, looking for a song lyric for an already written blog post is HARD.

So…yes. Title from “Winter ’05”, Ra Ra Riot. Yes, I’m aware it isn’t winter anymore (as if it’s ever winter in the Philippines), but that is not the point.

You are young and the world is open

You are young and the world is open

So many words you’ve never spoken
Don’t be afraid to stand your ground
When your time it comes around

-” Time and Space”, The Accidental

Today we had a photo shoot with our friend Veejay Jimenez. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have one, but I’ve never actually tried to have one. (I’m excluding my self-portraits here.) Until when I asked Veejay if we could try it just for fun. Haha!

Let me say this: Veejay? He is awesome. Although I felt like I was treading in unknown waters at first, he made it look like we were pros! I totally recommend him to you guys. Oh, and he shoots events, too!

This here is a behind the scenes shot by Vanj. I’ll post the real photos by Veejay later.

Can I ignore that sound of distant drumming

This, here… This, right here… It is a milestone.

Can I ignore that sound of distant drumming

I saw this in the Get Laud! website late last year and instantly fell in love with it. But, since I’m a shirt jeans girl who doesn’t wear dresses unless completely necessary, I had second (and third) thoughts about buying it. At one point I even closed the window to the catalog and tried to forget about buying it. But I could almost hear the dress calling out to me in the form of strong Indian war drums from Pocahontas’ tribe.

I logged back on the Get Laud! website again and emailed their sales team to ask if they had this dress in the branch near me.

If they don’t have it, then I’m not getting it, I thought to myself.

But it’s so prettyyyyyyyyyyy! I thought again.

But it’s a DRESS, I insisted in thought. And I don’t do dresses unless the situation required it. And situations that required dresses usually required formal ones, so I might not be able to wear this dress after all and I was really, really, REALLY just making up excuses at this point.

So, anyway. I emailed Get Laud, right? They replied quickly, and said that the branches near me, in fact, did NOT have it anymore. Aww.

But—you had to know there was a “but” coming— they’ve checked their other branches, and found one. ONE. One LAST piece. In the whole of Metro Manila. And they were going to have it sent to the branch of my choice if I wanted to.


I hit “Reply”, and said “Yes, please, and can you girls check if this other shirt dress I like is available?”

I got my order about a week later.

But I didn’t wear dresses on normal days, right? So, after admiring this cute printed dress, I stashed it in my closet, waiting for an event that requires dresses so I can finally wear it.

About five months later, I still haven’t worn it.

And then, while I was cleaning out my closet the other day, I decided that okay, FINE, I was going to wear this dress even though the situation didn’t actually require it. I’ll just wear it with leggings or something. Or over jeans. Or… something. But it was MUCH too hot for a dress and leggings. Even moreso for a dress and jeans.

The result? My Get Laud! dress with the awesome Indian (-ish) print. Chocolate brown stockings (because I’m still not comfortable with having my legs bare without good reason). My brown suede boots. A bracelet you can’t see in the photo. My leather bag.

I can’t say that I’m turning back on the whole I’ll-wear-a-dress-only-when-absolutely-necessary set-up… But this outfit? It. Is. LOVE.

Title from “Just Around the Riverbend”, Disney’s Pocahontas Soundtrack.

the only way to really know is to really let it go

‘Coz maybe, in the future, you’re gonna come back, you’re gonna come back around
– “Maybe”, Ingrid Michaelson

You know how, sometimes, you see an outfit and you say, “Oooh what a nice outfit! But I’ll never wear it myself. EVER”? Yeah, that happens to me all the time.

So my spring cleaning room overhaul has led to unearthing old clothes and creating new combinations for my stuff, like the one I wore yesterday. It has also led to the discovery that I had every piece necessary for me to wear one of the outfits that I said I’ll never wear. Ever.

But since I also said yesterday that we should use what we have in our closets, I am now staring at my outfit for tomorrow. Dreading wearing it, but at the same time feeling strangely giddy. Weird combination, that.

Here’s a preview. Yes, I actually tried it on just to get the feel of it. I’m posting it now to keep myself from backing out.

Boots from ukay sa Crossing. P400.

My Chucks look lonely.

the only way to really know is to really let it go

say goodbye to before

say goodbye to beforeMe sorting through new, sorta new, and old clothes. I obviously wasn’t ready for a photo.

Every summer, there’s a week when we rummage through our stuff to sort out, organize, and discard…stuff. You can call this spring cleaning (I know I do) even though we technically don’t have spring in the Philippines.

Usually, when I attempt to reorganize my room, I tend to start with my closet, mostly because that’s where it’s easiest to stuff things I don’t use anymore. More often than not, I’d  find more than one piece of clothing that I haven’t worn in a year. And, more often that not, I’d just refold it and tell myself that I’ll use it soon. I usually don’t. And then my mom would remind me that I should really get rid of those clothes so I’ll have space for new ones. I usually say that I don’t need the space for new ones because I don’t really new ones because the clothes I still have are perfectly fine.

But she has a perfectly good point.

And, with this whole non-shopper project, I am starting to shop more, so I’m starting to need the space like my mom said.

So, this year, when I did my spring cleaning, I decided with conviction that I was going to get rid of the clothes I don’t use anymore, and use ALL the clothes I was going to keep.

One whole day after starting and I’m not even halfway done. It’s a pretty hard task: deciding whether or not to discard clothes that are still in pretty good condition. Like I said before, I take care of my clothes. Also, going online and looking for ways to use my old clothes in a current fashion trend also takes a lot of time. Let’s see what happens in the coming days, yes?

Title from “Bye Bye Bye”, Plants and Animals.

You were one inch from the edge of this bed

You were one inch from the edge of this bed

“I dragged you back a sleepyhead”
-Sleepyhead, Passion Pit

Last night I dreamt that I went shopping for shoes. I was able to get this beautiful pair of strappy brown sandals (which will be PERFECT the next time I wear the boyfriend jeans), the boots I was looking for forever, and these flats that don’t make my feet look like Cinderella’s ugly sisters’. And I bought them all for 100 pesos each. But then when I left the store, a mugger stole my shoes. Because they were pretty, he said.


I woke up with a start, feeling thoroughly disoriented.

So shopping… Maybe it really is bad for my health? Haha!