Oh villains fear him

Oh villians fear himTetsuwan Atom (Astro Boy) t-shirt from that ukay beside Lolo Oboy’s, P280. Tank top from Baguio ukay, P30. Unbranded jeans from Circle C, P250. Necklace from Punya, P80. Watch from Tomato. Chucks.

And here it is. My Astro Boy shirt with the collar area chopped off to transform it from a little boy’s shirt to a Flashdance-y shirt. Yey!

The print says, “Atom is a super hero”. And then there’s that awesome holographic design.

As I was getting dressed, I tried to convince myself that the weather was nice, and it wasn’t scorching hot… seeing as I was to wear two layers of clothing when most girls are wearing thin sleeveless shirts the past few days. Either I really did convince myself properly, or the weather really was nice. Or maybe this whole combo isn’t hot at all. Oh, man, I wish it was that last one so I can wear this again soon!

So. My first t-shirt cutting project. Success? Yes? No?

Title from the 1980 Astro Boy opening theme. Personally I like the 1960 one better, but that… is beside the point of this post. Haha!

waiting for my rocket to come

waiting for my rocket to come

Blue shirt, Teens Extreme, Circle C. Jeans, HerBench. Clogs, InStyle, Circle C.  Denim bag, Heartstrings. Watch, Tomato. Headband from my mom’s dresser.

So in an attempt to reuse my old clothes, I pulled out my straight jeans from the late 90s. Yes. The 90s. I take care of my clothes, thank you very much.

I read somewhere recently that boyfriend jeans are so last year, but pardon me who isn’t following the cutting edge of fashion trends. I only heard the term recently, and I’ve never tried wearing them. So here I am, trying it on for size.

For those who, like me, aren’t very familiar with the trend: wearing boyfriend jeans is wearing oversized or straight denim jeans that look like they’re your boyfriend’s. Boyfriend jeans are supposed to be worn with very girly stuff (like tight-fitting tops, boots or strappy sandals), and the ankles are recommended to be shown as more proof of girliness.

I’m not sure if I pulled it off. I think I need to wear a different pair of shoes. Or maybe I need more accessories? Or an even girlier top? I’m not entirely proud of this outfit, but I don’t think I looked completely horrid. Hm. Must improve this look.

About the photo

Shot taken at UP Diliman Film Institute. At noon. In the summer. It was HOTTTTTTTTTTgah

I don’t know what that thing is beside me.

Title from “Curbside Prophet”, Jason Mraz.

Cookie Cookie Cookie starts with “C”

Cookie Cookie Cookie starts with "C"Cookie Monster shirt, Tiendesitas, P150.

Let this be known: Cookie Monster is my favorite Muppet of all time, because (1) he loves chocolate chip cookies, like I do, and (2) he’s blue! Haha! He’s so cute.

I love this shirt! The material is thick but still feels cool (which I LOVE in white shirts), and I love how long it is. And the embroidery is just excellent.

I think I should’ve worn a necklace with this shirt, though. Or a bracelet. Or something.

And, yes, my photo is blurred. I think I moved a bit.

Meanwhile, enjoy this vintage “C is for Cookie” video!

And what it all comes down to, my friends

And what it all comes down to, my friends…is that everything’s just fine, fine, fine
– “Hand in My Pocket”, Alanis Morisette

Purple vintage shirt, Circle C, P85. Tuesday uniform coat, office issue. Slacks, hand me down. Naturalizer shoes.

Today I woke up to realize that most of my office clothes are still at the launderer’s. That left me to work with my t-shirts. And my pair of slacks. It’s Tuesday today, so I wanted to wear pink… And that narrowed my selection down to this purple vintage shirt right here. That plus my Tuesday coat (which I fortunately didn’t wear last week) plus our trusty ID made me look all office-y. Wheee! I didn’t even have to wear jewelry. Haha!

I love how our office gives us the freedom to wear anything we want, even though we were given uniforms (which we are strongly encouraged to wear). Anything we want, as long as it’s excellent and corporate and we look like we’re working in the building, that is.

You better get me to school on time

You better get me to school on timeSchool of Rock shirt, Circle C, P75. Pigtails. A huge, red bracelet. Jag jeans. My Sony Ericsson W760i.

I love School of Rock.

I love military green.

I love cheap clothes.


Okay, so that’s not really the logo of School of Rock, but I think the creators of this shirt nailed the branding, don’t you think so, too? And, look, it’s 75 pesos. Circle C is love.

Title from “School of Rock” by Jack Black, from… School of Rock. Haha!

When you’re too in love to let it go

Guess who’s getting a makeover.

when you're too in love to let it go

I found a Tetsuwan Atom shirt in that ukay beside Lolo Oboy‘s. An official Tetsuwan Atom shirt. In a thrift store. And it was CLEAN. And there weren’t any damages! If that wasn’t an awesome find, I don’t know what is.

But the thing is: it’s a boy’s size. Although I’m no newbie in wearing men’s shirts, this one in particular isn’t very flattering for me. It’s too short to be a proper shirt but too long to be a baby tee, the lines are too straight, and the neckline is just wrong. I look like a girl forcing myself in a little boy’s shirt….which is exactly what I am. Haha!

I’ve had this since January, but I have yet to wear it because of the reasons above. I’ve tried wearing it, but had to change out of it before leaving the apartment. It just did NOT work.

But it’s an awesome shirt! Just check out that holographic design sewn on it!

So. My solution? A pair of scissors. Mwahahaha! I contemplated cutting out the design and sewing it on another shirt, but, after looking up some tutorials on shirt cutting, I have another plan in mind.

I totally forgot to shoot before and after pictures. Drat. In the photo above, the t-shirt was already cut. But I did it with a cheap (and rather rusted—ACK) pair of scissors, so the result wasn’t very…satisfactory. BUT I shall buy a good pair of sewing shears and fix it. I promise. I shall post a photo when it’s done.

Title from “Fix You”, Coldplay.

Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

Oh frabjus day! Calloo callayGraphic t-shirt, unbranded jeans and moon guitar necklace, all from Circle C. Boots from ukay sa Crossing. Beatles bag from Thailand.

My outfit for the Alice in Wonderland premier. Of course I was going to wear my little moon guitar necklace. It’s Alice size! Haha!

Title from “The Jabberwocky”, Lewis Carroll.

Shot taken by Sara in SM Megamall, right before closing time.

And I will make of you another believer

And I will make of you another believerIn our company had a staff outing, I was part of the yellow team, also known as Team Panalo. (Manalo, matalo, Panalo pa rin! LOL.) This be our shirt. Or at least one of them. Half of our team had shirts that said “Team” on them, while the other half had the “Panalo” shirt. We would walk in pairs, always making sure that our shirts read “Team Panalo”. Hehehe. I love the people I work with.

Oh, and by the way: our team won in the games. Ha!

And another thing about the shirt: I tied a knot in the back so it’ll look more girly.

Title from “Another Believer”, Rufus Wainwright.

Because, because, because, because

Because, because, because, because

So I bought a new pair of Chucks.
Because I love Chucks.
And because I’ve never had red shoes.
And because I was going to the Red Shoes premier.

Time to see this pair: a split-second.
Time to try it on: 2 minutes.
Time to decide if I should get it: a split second.

This has got to be one of my fastest purchases. Haha!

Title from “We’re Off to See the Wizard”, Wizard of Oz.

About the photo
Pixelated, I know. Boo, low lighting. Boooooo! But then again, the low light made the red stand out more. Sorta.

wait till I come back to your side

wait till I come back to your sideDinosaur Shirt from Robinson’s Galleria Department Store. Unbranded jeans from Circle C. Chucks. 10-year-old Uruk-hai bag from Daki.

This is how I dressed during college. Except for the skinnies. I always wore flares then. Oh, and I wore running shoes instead of Chucks then. And— Wait. So this isn’t how I dressed in college. Huh. LOL.

But aaaaaaaaanyway. When I was preparing to go watch the From Paris with Love premier, one of my roommates said that I looked like a college student. Har~

About the photo
Hehe. The advantages of staying in the mall until closing time include finding awesome places to shoot. Like this one. Yey for this flatish escalator/conveyer-belt-looking thingy!

So I realize that you can’t really see the details of what I’m wearing here. But I loooooove how the shot turned out! You can click on the photo to see the larger version on Flickr. Thanks for helping me, Jori!

Title from “Wait”, The Beatles