I like songs about drifters

The rule in dressing for flight days is to choose comfort over style, but preferably come up with something that has both. It’s so very to easy to want to look nice and impressive in an airport, but the truth is that you’ll spend lots of time walking or sitting and waiting or standing in line. Comfort, then, is a must. Continue reading →

It makes such an almighty sound

Even if you hate shopping, you won’t not have a shirt, because, most likely, there’s a souvenir shirt in your closet somewhere. (Unless you frequently clean out your closet and donate those shirts elsewhere.) Everyone has, at least once in their lives, received a souvenir shirt. Recently, I’ve removed most of mine from my closet, though I still kept a few that I like, or have special significance for me. Continue reading →

I pull my shirt on, walk out the door

Then I see you
You’re walking ‘cross the campus

-“Campus”, Vampire Weekend

Since what I’ve been working on for more than a month now has to do with youth and students and high school and college and students and teachers and campuses… Here’s me wearing a school-ish outfit.

I pull my shirt on, walk out the door

Sort of.

Depends on where you’re from.



White striped blouse, found and owned from my mom’s closet. Black shirt, Giordano. Knapsack, Kipling, from 15 years ago (no exaggeration). Jeans from Jag. Still-being-broken-in ankle boots from Bass. Watch from Tomato. Bracelets I made in college. Glasses. And, student-mode-me in true form: zero make-up.

I almost wore my Chucks with this outfit, but, like I said, I’m still trying to break in my boots.

This was at noon. Harsh lighting+glass window+red tiles = dramatic lighting. <3

Everybody says time heals everything

I decided to start the year wearing something that is not my usual pair of jeans.

Everybody says time heals everythingMy face looks funneh. LOL.

If you asked me last year if I would wear a skirt even though I wasn’t required to, I would’ve said “ABSOLUTELY NOT.” With conviction. True, I’ve worn a dress once last year just for fun (because it was a really nice dress, wasn’t it?) But I did keep insisting that I still wouldn’t wear a skirt if I didn’t have to.

But, after a year of blogging about clothes and other girliness, I told myself that maybe it was time that I actually broke my no-skirts-unless-absolutely-necessary rule.

That day, my friends, is NOT this day.

Because that, my friends, is NOT a skirt. HA! Yeah, its actually a skort.

My brother once told me that guys hated skorts. I don’t really get why.

But there it is: me in my skort, one that I’ve had for years, but almost rarely wore outside. I wore it during my graduation outing with my family, and posted the photo online. Monumental, that day. I think that was the first time the innerwebz saw my knees. Hrhrhr.

Okay, I’m going in circles now. MY POINT IS THIS: I started this year in a skort because I have decided that, yes, perhaps I might wear skirts and dresses this year. I’m still not sure yet, but I do blame this blog for slowly, but (apparently, oh so surely) tweaking my personal preferences.

SO. My January 1, 2011 outfit: Blue shirt from I-can’t-remember-where. Brown satchel, a Metrobank freebie. My skort from I-can’t-remember-where-either. A 10-year-old heart necklace from Davao (I think). Bracelets. Boots.

Title from “Wait It Out”, Imogen Heap.

there’s something to remember and something to forget

there's something to remember and something to forgetSuperstar Shirt, Myx, SM Department Store, P275 (many, many years ago). Cardigan vest, Circle C.

I think I mentioned before: blue is my favorite color. Also, the star is my favorite shape. Therefore, put them together in a rocking shirt (most preferably using denim), and I’ll probably love it forever.

I bought this during the time when baby tees were the thing (and low-rise jeans weren’t). That time, I willingly wore this shirt outside.

Today, though, it looks teeny tiny on me, and I haven’t worn it in more than a year. The quality’s still good, though, so I didn’t want to wear it out while inside the house. I figured that this shirt, one that served me well for years, might serve somebody else for more.

So I reluctantly put it on sale… and sadly sighed when another girl bought it. I just hope she’ll love it as much as I did.

Title from “Great Divide”, The Cardigans.

tinuruan mo ang puso ko na umibig ng tunay

There is a shirt that was made just in time for the Eraserheads Final Set. There were many shirts designed and printed for the event, but there was one that stood out for me. I bought it just in time for the concert, so, even though the neckline wasn’t quite…right for me, I wore it anyway.

me and the amigas on March '09

I haven’t worn it since, mostly because awesome memories were connected to it, and I didn’t want to “taint” it with new ones—yes, I’m an Eraseheads fangirl—and partly because, like I said, the neckline wasn’t quite right. Kind of like my Tetsuwan Atom shirt.

tinuruan mo ang puso ko na umibig ng tunay

So, like what I did to that shirt, I took my sewing shears and snipped away. I tried a different neckline this time, though. Watcha think?

Despite my concern, though, the shirt hasn’t quite been tainted yet. Whenever I see this in my closet, or before and after wearing it, I sigh and remember the Eraserheads’ Final Set. And then I sigh once again as I remember the years I grew up to their music.

Thank you, Eraserheads, for being the first Filipino band I truly loved.

Eheads Final Set 3709” shirt, from Noytee. I can’t remember how much I spent for this. Haha! Also, my DKNY bag, a silver chain necklace, my pig necklace, two kinds of bangles, my watch, and my ponytail thingy (yes, I kind of wore it as a bracelet).

Lyrics from “Ang Huling El Bimbo”, by (obviously) The Eraserheads.

And if you were here then I’d have a choice to live, not be alone

And if you were here then I'd have a choice to live, not be alone

Chips Ahoy tee, Circle C. Jag jeans. Chucks. Tomato watch.

Nothing new or spectacular here in terms of my clothes. Just playing around with the stone…thingies…while waiting for our photo shoot.

For the title I wanted to use something with a three monkeys feel…or something. Ah, but it takes too much time to hunt down the lyrics I want sometimes, and I wanted to post this already. So there.

In case anyone’s wondering, here’s how I pick my titles.

1.) Stare at the photo and wait for a song to magically pop in my head.

2.) Continue (1) until you get impatient.

3.) If nothing happens, make a randomized playlist and wait for a song lyric that can somehow be related to the photo.

4.) Continue doing (3) until successful.

5.) Write the blog post.

LOL. So, yes, I pick a title first before the blog post. Because, really, looking for a song lyric for an already written blog post is HARD.

So…yes. Title from “Winter ’05”, Ra Ra Riot. Yes, I’m aware it isn’t winter anymore (as if it’s ever winter in the Philippines), but that is not the point.

Out of these shadows comes the light

Out of these shadows comes the light You will keep
Keep me in this evening
Even though
You are not here with me

– Shadows, Rufus Wainwright

Pink senseless shirt from Tiendesitas. And when I say senseless, I mean senseless. Even more senseless than lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. It starts with “remlsp spsy…” and goes on to even more letters that seriously cannot be words.


I threw it on today on the way to band practice. And then the heat gave me a  migraine headache, thus the haggard hair, lazy face, and even lazier lighting…which turned out to be pretty nice. Wheeee! Thank you, VJ, for teaching me how to work shadows. Eeeeeee I LOVE IT! (And I am so loving my new curtains for my window, too.)

but I’ve gone so far now

but I've gone so far now

Victory@25 t-shirt, 150. Jeans, unbranded, Circle C. Chucks. Black and brown wood bracelet.  Black and brown beaded necklace.

That shirt right there has got to be one of the best event shirts I’ve ever seen. It looks so…un-promotional-y!

Okay. It’s confession time once again. I’m having a reeeeeeeeally hard time keeping up with this blog. There are days when my mind draws a blank for song lyrics to use as titles, and I’m not a pose guru yet, and, let’s face it: I don’t have 365 outfits. True, I can shoot my accessories individually—and I’ve done that once or twice—but, really, I’m having a hard time right now. And you’ve probably noticed. (Or not.)

But I’m already three months in. I shouldn’t give up now, yes? I just have to get my creative juices flowing more. And look up fashion photography. And listen to more songs. I can do this, yes?

Title again from “If Only I Knew”, Jeff Hanson