Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

Oh frabjus day! Calloo callayGraphic t-shirt, unbranded jeans and moon guitar necklace, all from Circle C. Boots from ukay sa Crossing. Beatles bag from Thailand.

My outfit for the Alice in Wonderland premier. Of course I was going to wear my little moon guitar necklace. It’s Alice size! Haha!

Title from “The Jabberwocky”, Lewis Carroll.

Shot taken by Sara in SM Megamall, right before closing time.

Because, because, because, because

Because, because, because, because

So I bought a new pair of Chucks.
Because I love Chucks.
And because I’ve never had red shoes.
And because I was going to the Red Shoes premier.

Time to see this pair: a split-second.
Time to try it on: 2 minutes.
Time to decide if I should get it: a split second.

This has got to be one of my fastest purchases. Haha!

Title from “We’re Off to See the Wizard”, Wizard of Oz.

About the photo
Pixelated, I know. Boo, low lighting. Boooooo! But then again, the low light made the red stand out more. Sorta.

wait till I come back to your side

wait till I come back to your sideDinosaur Shirt from Robinson’s Galleria Department Store. Unbranded jeans from Circle C. Chucks. 10-year-old Uruk-hai bag from Daki.

This is how I dressed during college. Except for the skinnies. I always wore flares then. Oh, and I wore running shoes instead of Chucks then. And— Wait. So this isn’t how I dressed in college. Huh. LOL.

But aaaaaaaaanyway. When I was preparing to go watch the From Paris with Love premier, one of my roommates said that I looked like a college student. Har~

About the photo
Hehe. The advantages of staying in the mall until closing time include finding awesome places to shoot. Like this one. Yey for this flatish escalator/conveyer-belt-looking thingy!

So I realize that you can’t really see the details of what I’m wearing here. But I loooooove how the shot turned out! You can click on the photo to see the larger version on Flickr. Thanks for helping me, Jori!

Title from “Wait”, The Beatles

I just wanna stop and thank You

I just wanna stop and thank You

Red smock blouse, Shaw Blvd. MRT Station, P150. Darn. I have to ask the lady there what the name of her store is. There are a lot of clothing stalls in the Shaw Station, but the one I usually go to is at the EDSA Central End, Southbound side.

Valentine’s Day. We were to wear red and/or white, but I chose to wear red for fun. Also wore dark jeans from Circle C—I didn’t realize they were dark green until I saw this photo—and a brown bracelet. And brown leather shoes from Otto.

Title from “How Sweet It Is to be Loved by You”, Marvin Gaye. Because we sang it.

You’re gonna get your trousers changed

You're gonna get your trousers changed

JackSon Jeans, Circle C, P250.

If you’re wondering what brand JackSon is, it’s one of those unbranded brands. LOL. Y’know, those clothes you get in thrift shops…Clothes that are brand new, but not exactly branded, but…have a logo on it, anyway? Yeah. That kind.

And if you’re thinking that “JackSon jeans” sounds familiar, it’s probably because I’ve been mentioning it many times already in this blog. This particular pair of skinnies is my favorite pair of jeans at the moment. It’s dark so it goes with my office blouses, but can also work (of course) with Chucks and a t-shirt. Also, the embroidery on the back pockets are cute–nothing overly spectacular, but pretty good for a 250-peso pair of jeans, yes?

(And in case anybody’s wondering: I had my hair trimmed yesterday, and I did not like my new do. Therefore, no shots of my hair for the past two days. We’ll see tomorrow.)

Shot at our office library. Many thanks to Ana for the shoot.

Title from “Failure”, Kings of Convenience.

Believe, oh, please believe in all your wild dreams

Believe, oh, please believe in all your wild dreams“The well is full and you can fill your cup.”
– Hearts and Minds, Matt Pond PA

I didn’t really like shirts with big flowers sewn into them…except this one. Not that I had anything against big flowers, it’s just… I was more for the plain t-shirts or rock girl-ish designs. (And plain corporate blouses, of course, for work.) I believe this top was bought for me by my mom—gosh, when was that? I can’t remember anymore. There was a time when this was the girliest thing I wore on normal days. (Of course I was girlier in formal events and stuff.) But now, I think I have several girlier tops. Hehe. Who would’ve thought, eh?

About the photo
Bright sun + overcast noon sky + orange bricks + my lumix = this photo. I HEART MY NEW LUMIX.

I hate my hair today, by the way.

Well honey I sing about you

Well honey I sing about youViolet smock, Unica Hija, inherited from my mom. Jag jeans. Hemp sandals, Circle C, P250.

My outfit for today as we led praise and worship in church, except I wore my boots on stage. But I changed into the sandals because (1) they look better for this shot, and (2) my feet were starting to hurt from jumping around in boots with 2-inch high heels.

I read somewhere that smock tops weren’t recommended for my body type, but the people around me seem to like seeing me in smock tops. Hehe. This one especially. Every time I wear this, people give props to my outfit. Without fail.

About the photo
Had a shoot at the side of UP Diliman’s Film Insitute while waiting for my family. I tried several trial shots, but this one worked best, I think.

Title from “I Bloom Blaum”, Coldplay.

And you sang a tune to make me smile

And you sang a tune to make me smile

Knit blouse, unbranded, P250. JackSon jeans, P250. Mother of pearl bracelet, P100(?). All from Circle C.

My top was originally 280, but I asked the sales lady to bring it down to 250. She said yes almost immediately. DARN IT. I should have asked for 200, instead! Ah, I have much to learn about haggling.

I realize now that I’m growing increasingly fond of stripes. I also realize that Circle C is now my favorite shopping place. I must blog about it soon.

About the Photo
I don’t know why I still held on to the empty plate. Useless details galore in this photo, but whatever. LOL. This was right before lunch at a friend’s house, and my officemates kept passing by. Which is a good thing, because they made me laugh.

Title from “Coast is Clear” by In-flight Safety.

but I keep you warm

but I keep you warmZara coat, somewhere in Spain. Jag jeans, P250. Clogs, InStyle clogs, P400. Crocheted beret, Baguio bangketa, P10.  Mother of pearl bracelet, Circle C, P100?

I’ve been wanting a coat for the longest time. I’ve been wanting a trenchcoat, actually, just because it looks cool in John Woo movies. But I never got one, because, let’s face it: the Philippines is a tropical place, we don’t have winter, and it’s HOT in Manila. So no coat for me. Until my dad bought me a coat in Spain. I LOVE IT!!! I’ve been using it in the office sometimes, but never outside.

Until now.

Oh, Baguio, how I love you for your weather.

Title from “Tip of the Iceberg”, Owl City.

what you love is more than you can afford

what you love is more than you can afford

Yellow and red shirt, Red Girl, Robinsons Galleria, P250. Black jeans, JackSon, Circle C, P250. InStyle Clogs, P400.

Today we arrived in BAGUIO! Yey! This is one place I absolutely love, but have only visited so few times. I can’t afford to go there with my own money yet because I don’t actually have a travel budget. All my leisure money goes to music, movies and food. Hehe. I really need to include travel in there.

ANYWAY. On to my clothes. I know I said in my previous post that I only had very few yellow shirts, yes? Well, this is one of them. I bought it in Robinsons Galleria, in one of those temporary stalls in the lobby. The shirt has a red vest thingy on it, which makes it fun because I don’t have vests in my closet anymore. Do you think I should try vests on again?

About the photo
Like I said, Baguio. My brother took this shot for me while we were waiting for our lunch in Wood Nymph, an authentic Korean restaurant–and I say authentic because all the customers were Koreans! This was high noon, thus my weird, trying-not-to-squint face.

Title from “Only Son”, Local Natives.