Maglakbay sa simula

When I started this blog, I hated shopping, didn’t wear dresses unless I had to, wore nothing but Chuck Taylors, and thought stockings were only for the 80s. Around the same time, I was also wishing that I could muster what I needed to fulfill my high school dream to travel to Japan. (I really like Japanese food.) Continue reading →

All the rain in this town

Looking good while being rain-ready was the objective of this outfit. Wellington boots, Redfoot. Trench coat, Greenhills shopping center.  Skater dress, Dorothy Perkins.  Satchel, Marikina Riverbanks Mall.

My schedule for the day was to hop onto public transportation to travel across three cities to throw a farewell lunch, then go back to my city for a dinner date, all the while staying dry against the recent heavy rains, and cool against constant Manila humidity.
The easy answer was to wear my Redfoot wellington boots. They’re rain boots made for charging out in the rain, a fact that most people apparently find hard to believe. Whenever I wear them, someone somewhere would gush (or snicker) about how fashionable I was still being despite the rain or floods outside. When I tell them that they’re actually bota,I always get disbelieving looks.

They’re surprisingly super comfortable for rain boots: I’ve already tried standing and walking and commuting in them for hours. They’re also foldable, so in case I wanted to show up to my appointments wearing nice heels, I could just roll them up and put them in my bag. I’ve done this before, but for this outfit, my Redfoots were my shoes.

To match them, I wore my Burberry-lookalike trench coat from Greenhills, which I bought years ago, before I even knew what the brand Burberry was. (Oops? Forgive me for not knowing fashion history. I just bought them because I needed a rain coat.) There’s also my leather satchel from Marikina, and my humidity-friendly Dorothy Perkins dress worn with opaque black stockings. And, of course, my trusty umbrella, which you don’t see in this photo.

Do you have other outift ideas for the rainy weather? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below! 🙂

Title from “The Aspidistra Files” by Stars.

I get the news I need on the weather report

I get the news I need on the weather reportI can’t remember where I got this. But I do know that I have never—and I mean NEVER—worn this before. I’ve tried it, sure, but I always take one look in the mirror and then decide to wear something else. 🙁 I think it’ll work better with a body type—or fashion style—a bit different from mine. It looks okay, I think, but it just never seems to work for me.

I love it, though. The material feels really nice, and it feels nice and cool when I wear it. The design has little ladies with umbrellas, cute silver dots, and STARS! I bought it because of the stars. Hehe. It’s long enough to be a skirt for girls who aren’t as tall as me, or you can wear leggings with it. You can also wear one of those thick belts with it!

I haven’t worn it, and the material is still good and not flimsy at all, but, yes, I’ll be selling this in my garage sale. 🙂

Title from “The Only Living Boy in New York”, Simon and Garfunkel.

I cropped my face out because my hair was a mess. Haha!

That’s when I love you

All of these moments just might find their way into my dreams tonightBlack dress, Kirei, P2000++. Strappy sandals, a gift Ana. Red accessories, borrowed from Karess.

Every time I’m reminded of the price, I feel my bank account crying. But the dress is definitely worth it! Agree?

I think I tried out around 8 dresses before getting to this one. Some of them I put on and took in a matter of seconds, but some I actually considered. I narrowed it to the top 5 to the top 3 until I finally decided on this one. Haha!

Like I said before, I don’t really do dresses unless I really needed to. But when I need to wear them, I actually like how I look in dresses. With this dress… I LOVE how I look in this dress!

This is my dress for Cocoy and Estela’s wedding. Their theme was black and red.

Title from “That’s when I Love You”, Aslyn.

sooner or later you’re gonna be the last thing on my mind

sooner or later you're gonna be the last thing on my mindSooner or later
I’ll be free to leave the past behind

– “Sooner or Later”, The Alan Parsons Project

This be my prom dress from my high school senior year. For both of my proms, I was part of the Cotillion dancers, so we were required to wear pink (for the juniors) and blue (for the seniors). But I think I still would have worn blue, even if I had the choice to wear another color. Haha!

I wanted a simple, rather conservative gown—I think you guys already know that I don’t like exposing…skin—and, as mentioned, I was required to wear blue, so we had this made. It had sequins lining the neckline and around the waist area. A couple of layers of chiffon underneath the skirt. And the outer material was tule, I believe… And it was so…flowy. I loved it.

I so SO love this dress that until now I still have trouble letting it go. I’ve had it in my closet for years now, and I’ve even lent it out to one or two younger cousins. It still fits me, oddly enough, but, to be honest, I don’t think I’ll be wearing this again. Some friends have suggested that I have it reconstructed into a more current dress. Some have told me to donate it.

I honestly don’t know what to do with it, because I still love it the way it is now.

Told you I had trouble letting go.

About the photo
Photography by Veejay Jimenez. Yup, this is one of the photos out of my shoot.

Sarah means “princess”, and the gown is rather princessly, so it only made sense to be a princess in this photo.  A rather bored princess who doesn’t want to go to the ball. And refuses to wear heels and wants to wear her Chucks, instead.

Can I ignore that sound of distant drumming

This, here… This, right here… It is a milestone.

Can I ignore that sound of distant drumming

I saw this in the Get Laud! website late last year and instantly fell in love with it. But, since I’m a shirt jeans girl who doesn’t wear dresses unless completely necessary, I had second (and third) thoughts about buying it. At one point I even closed the window to the catalog and tried to forget about buying it. But I could almost hear the dress calling out to me in the form of strong Indian war drums from Pocahontas’ tribe.

I logged back on the Get Laud! website again and emailed their sales team to ask if they had this dress in the branch near me.

If they don’t have it, then I’m not getting it, I thought to myself.

But it’s so prettyyyyyyyyyyy! I thought again.

But it’s a DRESS, I insisted in thought. And I don’t do dresses unless the situation required it. And situations that required dresses usually required formal ones, so I might not be able to wear this dress after all and I was really, really, REALLY just making up excuses at this point.

So, anyway. I emailed Get Laud, right? They replied quickly, and said that the branches near me, in fact, did NOT have it anymore. Aww.

But—you had to know there was a “but” coming— they’ve checked their other branches, and found one. ONE. One LAST piece. In the whole of Metro Manila. And they were going to have it sent to the branch of my choice if I wanted to.


I hit “Reply”, and said “Yes, please, and can you girls check if this other shirt dress I like is available?”

I got my order about a week later.

But I didn’t wear dresses on normal days, right? So, after admiring this cute printed dress, I stashed it in my closet, waiting for an event that requires dresses so I can finally wear it.

About five months later, I still haven’t worn it.

And then, while I was cleaning out my closet the other day, I decided that okay, FINE, I was going to wear this dress even though the situation didn’t actually require it. I’ll just wear it with leggings or something. Or over jeans. Or… something. But it was MUCH too hot for a dress and leggings. Even moreso for a dress and jeans.

The result? My Get Laud! dress with the awesome Indian (-ish) print. Chocolate brown stockings (because I’m still not comfortable with having my legs bare without good reason). My brown suede boots. A bracelet you can’t see in the photo. My leather bag.

I can’t say that I’m turning back on the whole I’ll-wear-a-dress-only-when-absolutely-necessary set-up… But this outfit? It. Is. LOVE.

Title from “Just Around the Riverbend”, Disney’s Pocahontas Soundtrack.

And I do my little turn on the catwalk

And I do my little turn on the catwalkPurple dress, SM Department Store. Sequined shoes, Manels. Silver earrings. White gold and mother of pearl necklace. Mother of pearl bracelet. Black sequined bag.

This is what I wore to a friend’s fashion show-themed debut. I’ve worn it only once before, so I’m SO glad to be able to wear it again. It seems such a waste to buy formal clothes to wear only once.

This is what I had in my bag in this photo. Same make-up, same accesories, same shoes. Different dress, different bag. Obviously.

My hair in this photo is a mess. Boo.

Title from “I’m Too Sexy”, Right Said Fred.

and it can work for you

and it can work for you“Let’s make this happen, girl
you gonna show the world that something good can work
and it can work for you~
And you know that it will.”
– Something Good Can Work, Two Door Cinema Club

Green cocktail dress, Occasions, Trinoma, P1900. Pearl and diamond earrings from a friend. Pearl and hematite bracelet, Fashion Market, Trinoma, P100. Grey sequined strappy sandals, Trinoma. Green shawl, black hand bag and pearl necklace from my mom’s closet.

There will be rare times when you will see me in a dress. This is one of those rare times.

Let it be known that I don’t hate dresses. Hate is a strong word. I just don’t prefer them. I wear them when they’re needed, like in formal occasions. And when I need to wear them, I actually like wearing dresses. But only when I absolutely need to.

(The same rule applies to skirts, if anybody’s wondering.)

Shot at Armand and Crisa’s wedding. My legs are at a weird angle because my heels kept digging into the ground. Photo by Art Torres