Maglakbay sa simula

When I started this blog, I hated shopping, didn’t wear dresses unless I had to, wore nothing but Chuck Taylors, and thought stockings were only for the 80s. Around the same time, I was also wishing that I could muster what I needed to fulfill my high school dream to travel to Japan. (I really like Japanese food.) Continue reading →

And what it all comes down to, my friends

And what it all comes down to, my friends…is that everything’s just fine, fine, fine
– “Hand in My Pocket”, Alanis Morisette

Purple vintage shirt, Circle C, P85. Tuesday uniform coat, office issue. Slacks, hand me down. Naturalizer shoes.

Today I woke up to realize that most of my office clothes are still at the launderer’s. That left me to work with my t-shirts. And my pair of slacks. It’s Tuesday today, so I wanted to wear pink… And that narrowed my selection down to this purple vintage shirt right here. That plus my Tuesday coat (which I fortunately didn’t wear last week) plus our trusty ID made me look all office-y. Wheee! I didn’t even have to wear jewelry. Haha!

I love how our office gives us the freedom to wear anything we want, even though we were given uniforms (which we are strongly encouraged to wear). Anything we want, as long as it’s excellent and corporate and we look like we’re working in the building, that is.

she’s touring the facility and picking up slack

she's touring the facility and picking up slackBrown turtleneck from that ukay beside Lolo Oboy’s, P120. Silver necklace with G-clef pendant, Cebu airport. Watch. Slacks.

Huh. I’m discovering that maybe I actually look okay in turtlenecks. Huh. Interesting. It kind of makes me look like a boss-type lady, if I match it with a sort of frown like this one. Haha! It makes me wonder if I’ll look even more bossy if I wore a pencil skirt and killer hills with this. Hmmmmm.

And, by the way, this blouse? It’s in near perfect condition. Pretty good for its price!

About the photo
Look at the cute magnets between me and the SUCCESS note on the wall. Haha!

Taken at 6 PM at the office. Thus the low lighting again. *sigh* I already tried to do color correction and lessen the yellow hue, but this is the best I can do. Any Photoshop tips, anyone?

Title from “Short Skirt, Long Jacket”, Cake.

Look back at nothing less than to what’s ahead

Look back at nothing less than to what's aheadOur Thursday uniform matched with my striped boat neck from that ukay beside Lolo Oboy’s. Following my mix-matched Monday uniform, here’s our Thursday!

I don’t usually wear our Thursday uniform anymore because I can’t get my coat to stay flat no matter how much I iron it out. So I had to pull on it for this photo. Hehe.

So anyway. I decided to wear it today, and mixed it with another top. Heee~ I like this look better than our actual uniform! So, let us toast to more mix-matching! Cheers!

Title from “A Sleep Be Told”, The Traditionalists

And another one comes down

And another one comes downI wasn’t planning on posting this. Honestly, I don’t like our Tuesday uniform very much. But then my friends told me to post it, anyway, than post nothing.

So. This is our Tuesday, also by Adi Velasquez. Being a winter, pastels don’t really suit me. BUT one thing I like about this uniform is that, every time I wear it, I can loudly declare that I’m a geek in the pink. Because it’s true.

About the photo
Shot past 5 in the afternoon, when I realized that if I didn’t do something, I was not going to have a blog post for the day. So I ran to our staircase to get a couple of shots while the sun quickly set outside. Gaaaaah chasing the sunlight. It’s a hard thing to do.

Had to to a bit of color correction to make the bluish hue of our staircase into a warmer one, instead. Hopefully my skin doesn’t appear burnt this time. LOL.

Title from “Let Your Love Grow Tall”, Passion Pit. Just because I love the song.

Find me a sky-high cliff

DSC01175 copy…Just let me try
To jump right off maybe I’ll fly

– “Looking Out The Window With A Blue Hat On”, E

Black and white blouse, Cocomo. Black slacks, GEXE. Both were handed down from my mom.

What’s so great about high quality clothes is that they can last a long, long time. But the thing is: they can outlast its fashion lifetime, and I can’t get rid of them because they’re not faded or anything yet, and they’re expensive… So I end up keeping them. That’s why I don’t buy new clothes. That, and that I simply just hate shopping.

But, as my mom said, all you have to do is buy classic pieces. Take my pants in this photo, for example. It’s just a straight black piece that will go out of style only when wearing pants in the office becomes passé. The trick is in mixing classic pieces with trendy ones. Now, that—selecting and shopping for trendy pieces, I mean—is something that I have yet to learn.

About the photo
Sneaked in a quick shoot before the lunch break ended. I only had time for about three shots before I had to run back to my desk. This wasn’t my initial concept, and I think maybe I could have come up with better shots than this if I had more time, but, save for my slightly blurred face, this one looks pretty okay, yes?

We had blue glass panels for our staircase/fire exit, so I had to adjust the red curves in Photoshop to lessen the blueness. Even if the word “blue” is in today’s song title.

Get up, I gotta go to work

get up, I gotta go to workThis here is our Monday uniform. (Yes, I am a web programmer, and yes, we have a uniform. We’re all professional-like like that.) It’s my favorite one in the set, and I thought I’d get a photo wearing it before we start fitting for our new uniforms for 2010. Our tailor for this set was Adi Velasquez.

By the way, who else had a terrible time trying to get up early for work this morning? I know I did! But, thank goodness, I wasn’t late. I even had time for breakfast! But I forgot my make-up kit on my dresser. Darn it.

Title from “Outside Villanova”, Eric Hutchinson, my track of the morning.

About the photo
Rush photography in the office when everybody else went downstairs for lunch. Propped my cellphone on a rack of CD spindles. Graaah I knew I was going to start having a hard time with this once work starts. Ah, but I press on!!!