Maglakbay sa simula

When I started this blog, I hated shopping, didn’t wear dresses unless I had to, wore nothing but Chuck Taylors, and thought stockings were only for the 80s. Around the same time, I was also wishing that I could muster what I needed to fulfill my high school dream to travel to Japan. (I really like Japanese food.) Continue reading →

No rescuin’, she’s fine out there

When getting dressed, we have to only consider not just our personal style, but also our activities for the day, as well as the weather.

Today,  I had to wear something for my appointment in a casual place,  and it had to feel cool for me to survive the humid weather,  but it also had to be ready for a rainy afternoon, as most afternoons have been recently. Sounds easy enough,  except it also had to be appropriate for the meeting I suddenly had with my former office,  which had a corporate dress code. Oh, and it had to survive a 1.5-hour commute without getting wrinkled. Continue reading →

And what it all comes down to, my friends

And what it all comes down to, my friends…is that everything’s just fine, fine, fine
– “Hand in My Pocket”, Alanis Morisette

Purple vintage shirt, Circle C, P85. Tuesday uniform coat, office issue. Slacks, hand me down. Naturalizer shoes.

Today I woke up to realize that most of my office clothes are still at the launderer’s. That left me to work with my t-shirts. And my pair of slacks. It’s Tuesday today, so I wanted to wear pink… And that narrowed my selection down to this purple vintage shirt right here. That plus my Tuesday coat (which I fortunately didn’t wear last week) plus our trusty ID made me look all office-y. Wheee! I didn’t even have to wear jewelry. Haha!

I love how our office gives us the freedom to wear anything we want, even though we were given uniforms (which we are strongly encouraged to wear). Anything we want, as long as it’s excellent and corporate and we look like we’re working in the building, that is.

makes the land appear like a really old movie

makes the land appear like a really old movie

Again, Wednesday. It’s white and gray day at the office, which is a nice day to bring out the neutrals, and/or splash color on them. And since we’re still in the Valentine’s month, I chose to add red to my black and white combo. (Because I’ve never worn red on Valentine’s.)

Everybody loves this coat. I got this from my aunt—same aunt who gave me the Naturalizer shoes in this photo. Every time I wear this coat, more than half the people I see that day greets me and my coat. They either say how nice it is, how nice it looks on me, how nice red looks on me, or how, because of my coat, they just might try to wear bright red, too.

Seeing as how I know practically nothing about fashion,  it’s feels nice to know that somehow my clothes are inspiring other people, too. Hehe. Thanks for the support, guys!

About the photo
Karess and I sneaked in a shoot while waiting for our carpool. We’ve taken several OK shots, but we decided to take a few more, until I ran out of things to do, and the beloved wind was ruining my hair. Scratched my head, and viola! You have this photo. Yep. We love candid shots.

Title from “Another White Dash”, Butterfly Boucher.

You could be making the grade

You could be making the grade

Coat from our Monday uniform by Adi Velasquez. Black shirt from Kamiseta. Black slacks. Plastic crystal necklace from…er…I dunno.

Mixed my monday uniform with…non-uniform clothes. Ended up looking like a teacher. Which wasn’t so bad. Except, I am NOT a teacher. My mom is a teacher, though. And I think she had a photo very much like this several years ago.

I bought NOTHING in this outfit. The coat was paid for by our office. The pants were excellent quality hand-me-downs from my mom. The blouse was bought by my mom when I was in high school. (Yes. High school. And yes, it still fits me. I was fond of loose clothes then.) And the necklace…Darn, I can’t remember where I got it from! I think my mom gave me that, too.

…I mix-matched! Successfully! YEY!!! *insert dancing emoticon here*

Title from “Teacher’s Pet”, Pupil

but I keep you warm

but I keep you warmZara coat, somewhere in Spain. Jag jeans, P250. Clogs, InStyle clogs, P400. Crocheted beret, Baguio bangketa, P10.  Mother of pearl bracelet, Circle C, P100?

I’ve been wanting a coat for the longest time. I’ve been wanting a trenchcoat, actually, just because it looks cool in John Woo movies. But I never got one, because, let’s face it: the Philippines is a tropical place, we don’t have winter, and it’s HOT in Manila. So no coat for me. Until my dad bought me a coat in Spain. I LOVE IT!!! I’ve been using it in the office sometimes, but never outside.

Until now.

Oh, Baguio, how I love you for your weather.

Title from “Tip of the Iceberg”, Owl City.

Get up, I gotta go to work

get up, I gotta go to workThis here is our Monday uniform. (Yes, I am a web programmer, and yes, we have a uniform. We’re all professional-like like that.) It’s my favorite one in the set, and I thought I’d get a photo wearing it before we start fitting for our new uniforms for 2010. Our tailor for this set was Adi Velasquez.

By the way, who else had a terrible time trying to get up early for work this morning? I know I did! But, thank goodness, I wasn’t late. I even had time for breakfast! But I forgot my make-up kit on my dresser. Darn it.

Title from “Outside Villanova”, Eric Hutchinson, my track of the morning.

About the photo
Rush photography in the office when everybody else went downstairs for lunch. Propped my cellphone on a rack of CD spindles. Graaah I knew I was going to start having a hard time with this once work starts. Ah, but I press on!!!